Kickstarter Roundup: Lawyer Up, 18 Holes, CATEGORICKELL

From the designer of Forbidden Stars and the designer of Maximum Apocalypse comes Lawyer Up, an asymmetrical 2 player card game of courtroom drama.

Play as the noble prosecution or the steadfast defense in this small-box card game, featuring a murder case and an art forgery. Work with the evidence you have and convince jurors to your side by chaining arguments together as you square off in this game of Grishamesque dramatics. Also available: Witch Trials expansion, and a Godfather expansion, each with their own unique art style. Lovely looking stuff. Back it here

⛳ 18 Holes is a golf game of knocking out of bounds on purpose. You craft the course, draft for clubs, and compete to beat each hole in this solo, competitive, or team game.

Whether in regular Stroke Play or a little something the designers call Chaos Golf, ⛳ 18 Holes looks like a ton of fun and you can back it here.

I love it when indie designers get on Kickstarter to finance their dreams, and that's just what Bez is doing with CATEGORICKELL; a team-based trivia-fueled tug of war game. How many countries can you name that start with S or G? How many composers? How many 5-letter words?

The CATEGORICKELL campaign comes with the full ELL deck of cards, which you can use to play games like Wibbell, the word game - Grabell, the dexterity game - Faybell, the storytelling game - and more. You can support this tiny little thing here.

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Supporter15 months ago

Hmm the golf one looks really interesting. Cool idea! I’d definitely consider that one if it ever hits retail. 
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