2 Upcoming Kickstarter Board Games – March to May 2020

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Time for some news regarding upcoming Kickstarter campaigns. Today we take a look at 2 games that will launch this spring. Enjoy!

Sea of Legends – May 2020

Pirates. Who doesn’t like pirates? One of the most explored themes for movies, books, video and tabletop games. And yet millions of people flock to theaters to see the newest antics of Jack Sparrow. Games like Merchants & Marauders remain beloved.

A new title exploring the pirate way of life is heading to Kickstarter and will launch in May. Sea of Legends, published by Guildhall Studios, is a board game aimed at two to four players. The action takes place in the famous Caribbean region although it’s quite different from what the history books tell us. In Sea of Legends magic exists and influences all spheres of life, especially in the life of a pirate. Magic doesn’t just mean some silly spells. It gives birth to many dangerous beasts and the undead ... 

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