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13 months ago

I was able to tackle two titles this weekend:

Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal

Spirit Island

Friday night I got together with my normal group and we opened up Spirit Island for the first time.  We like to consider ourselves (possibly erroneously) pretty adept gamers and typically go in for the heavier titles or the titles that have the capacity for polarizing the community with their complexity or challenge...yep, that's Spirit Island.

We absolutely loved the game right up until the point where we were completely obliterated by explorers.  We can readily accept that our first few turns were far less than optimal as we didn't understand the trajectory of the game or the implications of letting areas build unchecked.  Spirit Island is many things, forgiving is not one of them.  We polished our performance in the later rounds but in the end we spent the last hour just delaying the inevitable.  We weren't close, but we weren't deterred.  We are excited to try again and hope that we can preserve the challenge.  Rather than read up on strategies, we will likely go back into the game with only the lessons learned from this past weekend and see about improving.

Dark Crystal was somewhat less impressive.  The box and components were beautifully made and finished so well.  I got the game on a steep discount and felt like I had easily gotten my money's worth.  The problem came when we opened the rulebook.  For one - why in god's name was the game so complicated.  Movement and actions were so bloated with outside conditions.  If you're moving with a friend, do this, if you're moving without a friend, do this, if you're moving and your friend can see you, do something else...it was absurd.  What was worse is that even after stumbling through the rules and getting a few turns finished, nothing seemed to really connect or make sense.  Oh no, i'm in a dungeon...there are really no meaningful repercussions there. 

The internal balancing to offset the accuracy to the narrative was actually somewhat interesting, though.  In the movie, the Skeksis are clearly bigger and stronger than the Geilflings (sp?), and in the game this is conveyed via larger dice for equivalent tests.  Early on, you just feel outmatched...but that's ok.  As the game progresses, you start to see the Skeksis start to wane in power and even trip over themselves a bit as the good guys (easier to spell) start to team up and hit their stride.  I won't spoil things, but that was one moment that actually felt like you were playing out the movie arc and it was a nice touch before the ultimately lackluster ending.

It isn't that the ending of the game was bad...it was more like...oh, the game is over?  Ok....

Dark Crystal will likely stay on the shelf for the next 10 years and serve as a conversation starter.  Spirit Island will be back on the table as soon as we can get everyone back in their seats.

Supporter13 months ago

Still haven't had a chance to open up Spirit Island with my friend. I've heard so little negatives and mostly positive like your story so I'm looking forward to the day. I was also curious how others have enjoyed the expansions since I haven't heard too much about them.

Supporter13 months ago

WAIT!! You got spirit island??

Supporter13 months ago

Uhhhh no... I thought you had a copy? Lol

Supporter13 months ago

One game night this week but got a couple of games in:

  1. 51st State: Master Set - I wasn't sure how much I was going to like this one.  It took the first game to figure out how to play it effectively but we were eager for another game.  In the second game it all clicked in and we all quite enjoyed it!.  
  2. Onitama - I've played this one a few times.  Always quite enjoyable.  

Supporter13 months ago

12 hour session of D&D on Saturday. Got to level 2 in the middle. Got our asses handed to us in several scenes. :)

Supporter13 months ago

12 hours?? How do you handle things like... food and bathroom breaks? I've never had any gaming experience beyond maybe 3 hours, so just curious haha

Supporter13 months ago

We took a break halfway through to eat dinner. We also have a lot of snacks. It went by a lot faster than expected. I thought it was around 9 when we ended but it was midnight. Great session. We are playing again Friday.

Supporter13 months ago

Finally got to play Welcome to...

I think I generally do well with roll & writes because it fits my mathy nature. My wife caught onto the gameplay quickly and enjoyed it a lot too. I've been considering getting a good roll & write for relaxing downtimes and still have to choose between this and Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition (except this never seems to be in stock so I might go for Blazing Red instead).