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Columns or Rows

I'd like to find more games that use cards (tiles or meeple) that line up in a grid pattern, like Cat Lady and perhaps Mr. Jack, Roam and others (I'm not to familiar with these); where on your turn you get to pick a column or row of cards or other elements the game uses. 


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9 months ago

You might want to look into #Targi - I know that game makes interesting use of its grid layout. Perhaps @Sliddell11 could chime in, as I believe he owns it.

9 months ago

Yes! #Targi is great! A great worker placement with interesting choices and blocking mechanics. The middle of the board is always changing, with the border always remaining the same.

there are actually a few variants that are interesting (all created by the original designer) that are free. 

1. There is a solo mode which is fun and feels like a normal game with additional goals. (Requires a d20 or a dice app)

2. there’s a multiplayer player variant which may require the expansion but gets you up to 4 players

3. a PnP the designer created to give the border variety 

I haven’t gotten to check out the last two yet, but being that it is from the designer himself I feel confident enough to recommend it.

9 months ago

Oh that's cool! Have you gotten the expansion?

9 months ago

No... but I would like to get it! I’m not sure how easy it is to come by...

9 months ago

Looks like it's up for pre-order at GameNerdz!

Supporter9 months ago

Targi was the one I thought of first. 

Owner9 months ago

You could try looking into #Paperback, which is a word-building deck-builder. Great topic! It's fun to see all of the suggestions.

9 months ago


9 months ago

6 Nimmt! is a pretty good version of this!

Supporter9 months ago

I know it doesn't do you any good at the moment but a game I am designing uses this action selection method :)

9 months ago

A game that uses a similar mechanic (take all the items in a line) with slightly more nuance is #Noctiluca. Your diver chooses one of two lines, says a number, and collects all the die of that number in the row no matter how many you need.