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So, most of you know the drill. List your last five games played, and rank those games. This is not your top 5 games of all time, just your last five games ranked in order from favorite to least favorite. You can either rank it according to the game itself or the specific game experience you had.

5: #Forbidden Island: I really don't enjoy this game all that much. I'm not a huge fan of co-op games. But, my 4 year old son loves it, and he can sorta "play" it. Since it is a co-op than we can help him without breaking the game. So, I still have it and enjoy it because of who I am playing it with. Also, I think that actually I do enjoy this one more than #Forbidden Desert. I have only played FD once, but, there was enough more to sorta make it more complex, without more payoff.

4: #Animal Upon Animal Recently reviewed this one. Another one I am playing with my son. It is a great stacking game that he, as a 4 year old, can play well and competitively, while we adults still enjoy it.

3: #Lost Cities Several times a week my wife and I will play a few rounds of this before bed. She loves it, and I think I like it more and more. It is a super simple Knizia. I would characterize it as a gamers version of #Rack-O. It really is a very fun, for me, little card game.

2: #Underwater Cities I have played one learning game of this. So far it seems like a great euro. I am hoping to get another play or two in of this one this week.

1: #Conquest of Paradise I got several plays of this one in. It really ticks off a lot of boxes for me. I don't know about the longevity, but the first several plays were very fun.

So, go ahead and drop your last 5, top 5 in the comments below.

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13 months ago

5: #Pirate Dice: Voyage on the Rolling Seas - It's simply not a game that I find works all that great.  My wife is a big fan, but I don't connect with it.  I'm all for programmed movement, but this one just has too much take-that and randomness to make it work.

4: #Camel Up - I like the idea of this game OK, but it feels like every game plays out the same.  Sure the randomness of the dice could throw things off, so you can't predict what camel will win, but the decision points still feel the same.  I can't decide whether I want more randomness or less, but as it stands I'm still lukewarm on the game.

3: #Silver & Gold - Fun filler that does flip-and-write in a different way.  Everyone has different cards they work on, and that makes it work quite well.  It's the type of game that will never be Top 10 material, but I doubt will ever leave my collection.

2: #Sagrada - This dice-drafting game is a total blast.  I love all the mental gymnastics I have to go through in order to plan out my window.  It's also visually appealing, and gives me that feeling of accomplishment when I am done and can see how it all turned out.

1: #The Quacks of Quedlinburg - I never tire of this game.  It's kind of astounding to me, because it's tied as one of my most-played games since I acquired it, and yet I constantly desire to play it again.  My entire family seems to enjoy it as well, and that makes it so easy to get to the table.

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I am, generally speaking, not a big fan of flip/roll and writes. That being said, I do want to try #Silver & Gold sometime. I hear so many good things about it.

Moderator Level 113 months ago

I've been thinking about Camel Up for a long while but recently purchased #Downforce instead thinking my family might enjoy that more.  I'd like to play Camel Up sometime, though.

We also like Sagrada and love Quacks, which we also have #The Quacks of Quedlinburg: The Herb Witches which is a lot of fun with it.

Moderator Level 113 months ago

I always like these posts, although I will say I kinda wish you had done this earlier in the week before I played a bunch of random games lol. Oh well, here goes nothing!

5)#Word Mines - JUST played this at a bar about an hour ago with Sarah. Basically like an adult version of#Taboo. The box says 4 players minimum, but we just self regulated ourselves and played just to pass some time. I don't typically like games like this, but Sarah does.

4)#Bonk: The Fast Rolling Ricochet Game - played this at a FLGS yesterday. Again the box said to play with 4 and I can see why. Would have been much more fun having to control/worry about just one of the two ramps on my side.

3)#Suburbia - on the demo shelf at the same FLGS and it's on our 10x5 challenge so why not? Don't get me wrong putting this at 3rd, I really do enjoy this game. It just isn't as fun as the top 2.

2)#KLASK - first time playing this, also at the FLGS (what an awesome store btw!) and it was so much fun! I had told Sarah about this game before when it was the DOTD at GameNerdz. She seemed so so on it back then but when we played yesterday she was having a really good time. I added to the wishlist - now just to decide if I want the 4 player version or not..

1)#Chinatown - when I did my top 25 last year, this came in at 9. If you asked me last week, I  wouldn't have been entirely sure if it would hang onto a top 10 spot as I haven't played it since this time last year. I've played some really great games since then so it might be close, but this is definitely up there for me!

Moderator Level 113 months ago

Klask looks like such a fun game. I should perhaps buy it when I move back to the states.

Moderator Level 113 months ago

Sarah could not stop laughing! Definitely a winner for us

13 months ago

Since my most reliable gaming partner (my 8 year old son) has started to play outside more in the evenings thanks to warmer weather, my latest 5 skews distinctly to solo games at the moment:

5. #Catan This is almost certainly the most-played game in my collection, but most of those plays were when I was at university in 1997 and long before I started logging games in 2017. I've got a bit tired of it over the years, but it's been with me a long time so has nostalgia value, and my kids recently discovered it and have asked to play a few times. This play was a surprise request from my 8 year old, and exemplifies some of the issues people have with the game. He picked his settlements next to a 6 and planned his strategy around that somewhat, and I'm not convinced we rolled a single 6 for the entire game. He was absolutely steamrollered by a combination of that and the robber being stuck on the same tile for most of the game. Still, he said he enjoyed himself regardless.

4. #Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game This is my most-logged game, mostly because I found a solo league and play a minimum of 3 games for it every month. I enjoy it, but it has less novelty value for me now than some other games in my collection and has become a sort of default solo choice for if I'm tired or short of time, as I've had more practice in setting it up and playing. I'm currently in second place in this month's league though, and the scenario setups this time were a good mix of challenges.

3. #7 Wonders Duel This was another game with my 8 year old, after not having played this for a year. I'd forgotten how engaging the game is and had a good time with it, though it was somewhat soured towards the end by my having forgotten to properly remind my son about the Science/Military victory conditions so he didn't block me from my military victory as he might otherwise have done and was a little bit disgruntled. We ended up resetting the game back a few steps and playing on from there, though, so he had a good time in the end.

2. #The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game When I got it last year I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this game. I've read the books and it seemed like an interesting idea so I nabbed a second hand copy and started working through the setup for each book. I thoroughly enjoy the sense of the puzzle you get in a solo game (I haven't actually played it with others, and suspect it may not work as well in fact). The end game can be frustrating at times, because it can come down to just a roll of some dice to see if you succeeded or not, but I appreciate the lead up to it and in this case I won regardless of that final roll.

1. #Thunderbirds Co-operative Board Game I'm a sucker for the IP in this one, but I really enjoy the game too. I've mostly played it solo, but have tried it with others too. Thematically, I think I like the fact that for the most part you're dealing with preventing disasters and saving people rather than competing or fighting. There's a bit of randomness to it, but the game is mostly about trying to work out how to optimise movements, tokens and actions to give yourself the best shot at keeping everything under control. I randomly select characters usually, and this was a very tough match-up that I didn't succeed at, but I came closer than I expected and felt quite satisfied with the result at the end.


If you ask me on another day, I might easily switch around those top two rankings. I enjoy both and I'm keen to get both back to the table. Mind you, I've also just received a delivery of #The Search for Planet X that I ordered 5 months ago, and I'm itching to try that out too...

Moderator Level 113 months ago

I have heard from a lot of people that #Thunderbirds Co-operative Board Game is their favorite game By Matt Leacock. Do you feel that way? How does it compare with #Pandemic or the Forbidden series.

13 months ago

Well I own and have played #Thunderbirds (obviously), #Forbidden Island, #Pandemic and #Pandemic: Hot Zone - North America.

Thunderbirds probably is my favourite, but it's reasonably close with all of the first three. Gameplay is fairly similar in many ways, at least in the sense of how it feels to play the game. So the distinction between them comes down more to theme in some ways. So on any given day it might depend on my mood.

I think I may sell/trade away the Hot Zone version. It's good but I got it partly because it was in a sale, and I think given the choice I would always prefer the main game. If I decide I want a Hot Zone Pandemic game in the future I'll probably go for the European version to have a map that is a bit more relevant to me.

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It's interesting how many people seem to prefer Thunderbirds, but, Pandemic is the one that is in print and hugely popular.

13 months ago

Yes, but Pandemic doesn't have to pay for (and keep hold of) the licence for someone else's IP...

Moderator Level 113 months ago

Yep, I assume that is why Thunderbirds isn't in print.

13 months ago

It is. I asked about availability of something once and they said they just don't have the licence for it anymore. I don't know why (whether they'd like to or not, whether it was a cost issue, etc.), but all they were able to do back then was sell the remaining stock they had.

Now, the Tracy Island expansion costs a ridiculous amount of money if you can even find it anywhere.

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Here's my last 5 games played (thankfully I started logging them all here back in November):

5. #The Game: Quick & Easy played this three times in game night last week as a friend brought his 10 year-old foster son with him and I thought he'd like it.  It's a fun, quick, game and we won 2 out of 3 games.  Since it doesn't take long to play a game, I bought this as a starter game for game nights and becuase the artwork is Day of the Dead/Halloween oriented and looks cool.

4. #Draftosaurus Another game night game with the 10-year-old foster son.  Love this game-it's cute, has dinosaurs, and is just thinky enough for a simple quick game.  And it has a T-Rex on the cover of the box!

3. #7 Wonders Played this as a two player game with a friend so he could solidify the game in his mind (played it on game night two weeks earlier).  Just a great game!

1. So I'm cheating here and putting them both together. #Scythe and #Under Falling Skies  I bought Scythe earlier this year and have only played it by myself- twice as a two player game to learn it, and two nights ago against the Automa.  Very cool! I know I made mistakes on the AI, but can't wait to reread the rules and play it again!  I received UFS for Father's Day and have also played it only three times so far.  I really enjoy trying to balance the placement of the dice to get resources against the advancement of the enemy ships.  And it's got a 4-game campaign in the box that I probably won't touch for many months yet as there's different difficulty levels and cities to explore first.

You might think I prefer solo games after having put both of them as my favorite recent plays.  That's not completely true.  The two solo games I played are, in my opinion, just really great games.

Moderator Level 113 months ago

I played #Under Falling Skies when it was a p'n'p that won a contest on BGG. It was really good, I liked it. I am sorta interested in how the campaign feels in the commercially produced version.

#Scythe is a great game. It was my number 1 game of all time for several years. I got to play a 5 player game about two months ago. That was great, it had been a long time since I had gotten to play it with that many. The AI is a bit tricky to pick up, but it is a very good AI. Have you tried the ScytheKick app? It can help some with AI managment.

Moderator Level 113 months ago

I haven't tried the app yet, but you keep mentioning it and I'm glad you do.  I'll have to check it out.

Moderator Level 113 months ago

The only ones you mention that I've played are Forbidden Island, which I played just a few weeks ago and Forbidden Island (years ago), and Rack-o (one of my mom's favorites).  I find them both interesting, but not something I'd choose to play unless I'm with someone who hasn't played them.  I do have Forbidden Sky, which has a much more rewarding payoff if you win, but it hasn't been played in a couple of years and the family seems to not be interested in it. I'll have to look into Lost Cities and wouldn't mind playing Underwater Cities.

Premium User13 months ago

Out of your 5 Underwater Cities is definitely my favourite.  I have that plus the expansion and I've enjoyed all my games of it so far.  Solo is a good puzzle which is nice.

I've been playing games turn by turn on board game arena a lot lately so I have some lighter games for the most part. My last 5:

5. #Kingdomino: Fun little game.  Doesn't overstay its welcome although I don't know if I will play it turn based much.  It's such a broad time span for what should be a quick little game it sort of sucks the fun out of it.

4. #Race for the Galaxy

A classic game!  I've played this one quite a few times and I almost always get a lot of enjoyment even though I feel like I'm still a stumbling toddler when it comes to game play.  However, in one of the games on board game arena they tossed in a ton of expansions.  It definitely moved it away from the sweet spot of rules/time vs enjoyment.  I think I'll be sticking with the base game and one or two expansions from now on.

3. #7 Wonders: It took me a long time to get my first play of 7 wonders in after I re-entered the hobby.  Now with a few games under my belt I can see why it's a classic.  It just hits a sweet spot for time versus decisions.  Player interaction is there but at an appropriate level for the game.  This is one I could see myself getting in the future.

2. #Cacao: Cool little tile laying game.  For a relatively simple game it has good strategic and tactical depth that I have just started to get in to.  The decision space around where to place your tile and which landscape tile to place next to it is delicious.  Once all of the landscape tiles are placed maximizing your yields is key.  As a new player, realizing that you need to be setting yourself up for future success early in the game is also an indicator of the depth here.  It also hits a sweet time versus enjoyment ratio similar to 7 wonders. Another one I could see myself getting.

1. #Yokohama: Definitely one of my favourites.  I am learning on board game arena exactly how far I need to go to be decent at the game.  On the plus side I am learning and I think another game I am currently playing I'll do better.  This is definitely a game where you can't play mostly tactically which I tend to do.  You need to have a rough outline of how you are going to end the game and achieve victory from an early stage so you aren't wasting actions which is my main problem.  I meandre a bit too much.  Great game!


Moderator Level 113 months ago

Kingdomino is a great game to have in your collection. I agree that playing online is not a great way to play it. It's nice to have around for when you want a quick game that still has some interesting decisions, and one that is easy to teach to anyone.

Premium User13 months ago

Agreed.  It was a lunchtime favourite at work when I was in the office.

Moderator Level 113 months ago

Race for the Galaxy is a true classic, one that I love.

I don't here that much about Yokohama, but, everything I hear is usually great.

Premium User13 months ago

I keep finding depth in Yokohama and getting a bit better at it.  

Supporter13 months ago

These are always so tough because I can never remember the last 5 games I played. Here goes:

5.#Marvel Champions: The Card Game - I've only played one hand of this and I was fairly distracted by my kids during that play. I did enjoy the game but it needs more time.

4.#The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth - I am quite a ways into a campaign of this game. I am having fun and it's a worthwhile game, but it just isn't quite as good as the other games I've played recently.

3.#Tawantinsuyu: The Inca Empire - Played this one solo again and it's a great game. The AI takes a bit to get into unless you play it frequently.

2.#Gaia Project - Played this two player and added in the Automa player with my good friend. It's an incredible game and I love it so much.

1.#Imperium: Classics - This game is amazing. So much theme packed into this incredible deck builder. It's fantastic.

Moderator Level 113 months ago

How would you rate the learning experience for Imperium? I've heard some reviews that said the rulebook leaves much to be desired.

Supporter13 months ago

It was no problem. I usually watch several play througs to make sure I'll like the game before I purchase, so that probably eased me into the game too. 

Moderator Level 113 months ago

Do you have/are you planning to get the companion game, #Imperium: Legends?

Supporter13 months ago

They are the same game, Legends just has 8 different player factions. And yes I'd like to get that one too but I haven't even played all of the 8 factions in Classics yet.