How many board game Kickstarters have you backed? Do you think your numbers are low, average or yikes?

I typically stay away from Kickstarter because I am not able to think that long term but I just backed my first project, #Architects of the West Kingdom: Works of Wonder

It got me thinking - What is an average of amount of kickstarters the typical board game enthusiast has backed in their lifetime.

How many board game Kickstarters have you backed? Do you think your numbers are low, average or yikes?

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Firstly, I think that there are, broadly speaking, two groups of gamers. One group, and I think it is a big group, doesn't touch kickstarter.  The other group tends to use it fairly frequently.

I do use/have used kickstarter.  But, I do think that I do use it less than most people who use it. The first project I backed was a little over a year ago. Right now I have backed the grand total of 4 projects. 

#Pax Pamir (Second Edition) was the first project I backed. I backed it for the game and the metal coins. It has fulfilled and I had a super great experience.

The second project I backed was for #Pax Renaissance: 2nd edition, #Pax Viking, and #High Frontier 4 All: Module 3 – Conflict. I got all those boxes as well as #High Frontier 4 All, #High Frontier 4 All: Module 1 – Terawatt & Futures, and #High Frontier 4 All: Module 2 – Colonization. This KS campaign had a few hiccups. But, I have all the games I backed, and while I haven't played all of the HF4a modules or Pax Viking, I am extremely happy with Pax Ren 2e and HF4a.

The third project I backed was the #Frosthaven campaign. I backed it at the $1 level to get the digital implementaion of #Gloomhaven in the pledge manager. I got the digital game, but haven't played it. 

My most recent project backed is #John Company (Second Edition). I backed it for the game and the metal coins. It has not fulfilled yet. 


I expect I will continue using kickstarter, but using it sparingly. I imagine I will probably back anything that Cole Wehrle puts out with Werhlegig games for the foreseeable future. I do believe the next game that he is hoping to publish with Werhlegig will be the second edition of #An Infamous Traffic. I do know that I will want that. In terms of more immediate stuff that I am thinking about maybe backing......

#Voidfall should be launching in Sept or Oct. That is is one that I might wish to back. I have a feeling that I probably won't but it is one that I will be interested in watching, at least. 

#1889: History of Shikoku Railways should be coming to KS before too terribly long. I do think that there is a very high chance I will back this one. The new edition actually brings some lovely art to this game. And I think that I should buy either that or #18CZ for a shorter 18xx experience to play with lower player counts. The fact that 1889 keeps the #1830: Railways & Robber Barons formula but tightens the map for fewer players, and shortens the game is hugely appealing to me. 

15 months ago

Wow, I have definely in the don't touch Kickstarter group. You have opened up quite a world to me. Great stuff, I need to get on some of these upcoming ones. Thank you!

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Be careful..... It can be a very deep hole.

15 months ago

I have backed four Kickstarter campaigns for board games (and two for physical RPG products, as well as 38 PDF versions and a few related items).

I have to say that I sort of regret all four board games.

  1. The first, #STEM: Epic Heroes, didn't turn out anywhere near as good a game as I'd hoped, and I'd liked the idea of using it to introduce my kids to the historical people in it. I keep it just for the artwork now.
  2. The second, #Kung Fu Panda: The Board Game, felt like it barely limped across the finish line with a licensed IP and my deluxe version is barely played and now worth about half of what I paid. I still have it because I keep thinking I might try it again, and the minis are very nice.
  3. The third one, #Mint Condition Comics, may actually be good but I somehow haven't got it to the table.
  4. The fourth, #Mission Catastrophe, is yet to be delivered but has already got far more expensive than I should have spent due to additional charges after the campaign (which, to be fair, were warned about but I didn't really take the time to think it all through). Hopefully it's a good game.

Given the additional costs and challenges with shipping things to the UK these days I'm unlikely to back many more unless I'm very confident in them, I think (I am currently waiting for the two physical RPG products, but one is for a new edition of my all-time favourite RPG, Blue Planet, after 20 years and the other is the Avatar Legends RPG, which I think I might be able to play with my kids).

Only one campaign I've been involved in has failed to produce the final product, which is especially frustrating because the person behind it is visibly active elsewhere but hasn't responded to anything on the Kickstarter campaign for 18 months. I wish they would just formally declare it dead.

15 months ago

That makes sense, I bet it is a bit scary to jump into things so early without knowing how they are going to turn out. Especially with all the increases in costs that have been happening.

Partner15 months ago

Woah, reading these comments makes me realize I'm way deeper into kickstarter than the average BGA user!

I've backed 73 projects since 2015 -- but to be fair:

-- about a dozen are supporting podcasts like The Dice Tower or The Secret Cabal

-- about 7-8 were cancelled during the project

-- about a half dozen are for products board game related but not board games (like inserts or game mats)

-- and roughly another 30 or so were backed just for a dollar to show support to a designer I really like and wanted to signal boost. 

I have about a half dozen waiting to come in. The longest wait right now is for Legends of Sleepy Hollow, and the last one I backed was First Ascent (reviewed the prototype and my family loved it so much they *asked* me to back it, something that NEVER happens). 

15 months ago

73 projects!! Wow. As a fan of the board game community and some of the personalities you mentioned, I thank you for your support. I need to work on giving back more!

15 months ago

Just checked and I've backed 13 games and 1 game related item at this point.  I would say that my numbers are probably low (but reading through the comments here, it sounds like I may be on the higher side).  I do know a couple people in some of my game groups have backed a lot more than me, and a couple who have backed less than me.  In general, I try to back games that will work for my gaming group or fill a niche in my collection.  I've done a really good job of staying away from the multi-hundred dollar pledges. 

  1. My first kickstarter was #Frosthaven - Game sounds great, did the Gloomhaven campaign twice.  Willing to wait for this.  Did get a couple extras from the kickstarter but now I don't remember what they were.  Metal coins, solo scenarios and maybe sleeves?
  2. #Carnegie - Still waiting for this to be delivered.  played a bunch of Board Game Arena and am really loving it.  Can't wait for the physical copy.
  3. #Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition - Delivered and really happy with it.  I have a friend who has the retail version and the upgraded components made it worth the price difference for me.  (I've since 3D printed him upgraded components to improve his quality of gameplay.)
  4. #Theurgy: The Area Control Game of Monsters and Miracles - still waiting on.  Looks right up my alley.
  5. #Crayne: Fractured Empire - still waiting on.  Looks really good and potential to replace my existing deck builders.
  6. #Canvas: Reflections - still waiting on.  Hoping I can get this one played with wife.  Looks delightful and reviews for original are really positive.
  7. #Harsh Shadows - A simple solo game.  Delivered.  Really enjoy this one.  Really happy with it.
  8. #More Historic Board Games from around the World - got the PNP version of this.  Really happy with it.  Have also backed their current kickstarter to get the next 6 games.  Putting all of the games in a 3 ring binder with a thin piece of steel so I can use Magnetic pawns (also 3D printed) to take this anywhere.  Going to gift a verson to a friend for him to take on his hunting trips since his cabin doesn't have a ton of extra space and this would be a small package to store but provide lot of variety.
  9. #Micro Dojo - Received.  A really small and simple game but with ton of strategic choices.  The solo AI isn't bad but better against a real person.  I've also 3D printed upgraded components for this as well :)
  10. #War Room - My one gaming group is super excited for this to arrive next summer.  Going all-in on this one.
  11. #Usurp the King - Looks interesting and a nice deeper game than Coup. 
  12. #Death Roads: All Stars - Love racing games and messing with my friends, looks like it should be a good fit.
  13. See # 8.

The one board game adjacent thing I've backed was the Dice Tower 2021 campaign.  I didn't get anything physical or from it, but wanted to make a donation for all of the video's that were a huge help as I got into the hobby a couple of years ago.

15 months ago

I've backed 12 boardgame projects going back to 2014. (Most recently #Luzon Rails). All delivered in a reasonable time frame. I tend to only back small indie projects. If it's anything that will eventually hit retail, I'll just wait.

The only KS I'm still waiting on is a non-boardgame one, and it's been ten years... Any guesses?

Premium User15 months ago

Is it perhaps a certain space based video game? :)

15 months ago



More... monumental.

Premium User15 months ago

Hmmm, not sure then!

15 months ago

Haha, Detroit does need a statue of Robocop!

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Oh...I never would have guessed!

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I have backed maybe 20ish kickstarters over 5 or so years.  I think my numbers are probably average among hobbyists but certainly not yikes.  

Honestly, I have become less of a fan of kickstarter projects over the years.  I WILL do projects for games I am familiar with or expansions for games I know I like.  But I'm less inclined to kickstart fresh new projects.  I just find that the money I have tied up for a couple of years could have bought me a game that I would like now. 

I am not usually in to the big massively expensive kickstarters where you won't be able to get them retail so that sort of insulates me from that temptation.  

So I'll still kickstart but often it's smaller, quicker games and/or expansion projects for already established games/companies/designers I know I like.  

15 months ago

Good thinking. Games constanly being delayed and not getting them for years is my big worry, but it is good to support smaller games to make sure they get made. I think this is going to be how I approach KS a little bit more! 👏👏👏

Partner15 months ago

Same here -- I've backed maybe two big projects -- most of the rest are $20-30 games from smaller companies I really like and want to support. 

Premium User15 months ago

I did a rash of them when I first tried it out because...I wanted to try it out.  Glad I did because I know what niche I fit in to now.  

That said, I backed #Frosthaven immediately but I know I'll get my money out of that one.

15 months ago

First off, good choice on where to start. You can't go wrong with Shem Phillips involved.

I started last April and have averaged about 8 per month. I'm sure this is "yikes", and too high, going forward, but I don't know enough about myself yet to know what all not to back. Many of these have been expansions to previous games I also didn't have, so at least I won't need to pay for so many old games when backing the new ones.