Terra Mystica - Help me!


Hey all,

So I just started playing #Terra Mystica in a slow way (i.e. we each take our turn separately and just get an email when it is our go) on board game arena.

Unfortunately, I haven't played before so while I have read through and understand the rules, no one has been able to explain what my priorities should be: I am playing darklings and any advice would be appreciated!

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2 months ago

Oof. This is my biggest fear with playing games on Board Game Arena. I tried playing I believe it was #La Granja once and, despite learning the rules beforehand, was totally lost by the start of the first turn lol. Thankfully someone quit the game so I didn't have to finish out my play. 

All that being said, I've also never played TM and have no advice other than to play turn-based which it seems like you're doing. That way you'll have way more time to come up with a good strategy :)

2 months ago

I have only played Gaia Project, but always keep track of your round scoring and ESPECIALLY end game scoring. Focus on that, and most of the time if you have an opportunity to power cycle even if it costs Victory Points...do it! Ore is always scarce so keep that in mind before you spend big with that. 

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