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A Convention Haul Look Back | Board Game Quest


In a year with no conventions, Andrew looks back at his convention purchases over the years and see which ones were good and which were duds. 

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27 days ago

Hoping to attend a convention for the first time when corona gets around to leaving. Looks like it will be a dangerous event.

23 days ago

Which one? 

Premium User28 days ago

This post just serves as proof that I should never be allowed to go to conventions. I'd never learn my lesson lol

28 days ago

Well, you might get to one of them before Sarah puts her foot down!  lol!

Premium User27 days ago

We were supposed to go to a much smaller semi local one back in March that kept getting postponed due to covid. I don't think it was one where you could buy games or anything so I woulda been safe going there at the very least lol

26 days ago

I would like to attend one, and it would have made nice trip this year, but...

Maybe 2022... This year's post-poned cruise has been rescheduled for 2021 and that's the priority. 

Premium User26 days ago

Cruise you say? Where are you headed?

26 days ago

We were scheduled to cruise out of Galveston, Tx to Belize, Mahogany Bay, and Cozumel at the end of August.  Then with Covid pushing cancellations further throughout the year, it didn't happen.  Earlier this month we rescheduled it for the end of August 2021.

Premium User26 days ago

Very nice! I hope you enjoy it! Have you ever been on a cruise before? Sarah's been pushing for us to go on one (particularly for our honeymoon which I'm not keen on lol)

26 days ago

Thanks, and I'm sure we will. Hoping to see some ruins on this next one.

We do enjoy cruising, and this will be my fourth, my wife's fifth, and our son's third, and our first one getting a small suite.  We've had 'outside' cabins with views and with balconies.  My wife doesn't ever want to do an 'inside' cabin as she feels they'll be too dark and claustrophobic for her, although they are the cheapest room and can help one get on more cruises for the money.

We've been to the eastern Carribean just after getting pregnant with our son (work trip, actually!), on an Alaskan cruise when our son was 11 and took one of his friends along with us (adding a fourth person to the room was relatively inexpensive compared to the rest of us), and in 2019 did a three-night to Catalina Island and Ensanada, Mexico for my wife's 50th birthday. Her sisters, my sister, and some close friends joined us.

They are a lot of fun, have all kinds of food and activities available, shore excursions can be a blast (even for non-drinkers like ourselves), and are a good price when you consider you are paying for both room and board for the trip up front. (Our three-night last year would have cost us about the same amount or less as our five-night stay in Vegas this next week.)  There's always a quite place to find when you want one as well.  And the more you go, the better the deals you get on your next one.  The funniest thing we've heard about cruising is someone we met on the Alaska cruise actually put their mother-in-law on one for months on end because it was cheaper to cruise and get room-service and meals than it was to put her in even a minimally supported assisted living facility in their area.  She made new friends every week, and the staff took excellent care of her.

We've done dog-sledding and ocean kayaking in Alaska, snorkeling in the Bahamas, and hope to see some amazing things next summer.

I recommend a cruise. When you finally book one, it might be cheaper airfare to fly in/out a day early/late.  That was our finding years ago when we went out of Miami, anyway.  Spent the saved money on a rental car and toured the everglades and toured Miami.  It was money and time well spent!

Premium User25 days ago

I read this comment to Sarah and now she wants to go on one together even more 🙄🤣

Thanks for the advice! I'm sure we'll get to take one some day. Right now our focus is on simply taking a vacation since 2020 was so terrible lol.

The story of that mother in law is absolutely crazy!

25 days ago

I know, right? Living on a cruise ship? I'd put everything but games and books in storage.  (might get tired of all that food after a while though...might)

Premium User25 days ago

I don't think I could... haha

 and I were talking about cruises on here somewhere and she had mentioned "foodie cruises." That's a type of cruise I could get behind 

23 days ago

I definitely want to go on one someday!  I'm not an experienced cruiser like but I've been on a few, mostly with family, and for me the food is the main event haha. 

25 days ago

So could my wife and son!