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Kickstarter Roundup: Last-chance edition! Three cool projects: THREE DAYS TO GO

Pavlov's Dogs

Take tests from dogtors like Sigmund Fetch, Abby Maslow, and Collie Jung in this game of operant conditioning! Pavlov's Dogs is a co-operative card game where players must follow the rules of the test, set by their Dogtors, and complete a series of increasingly difficult challenges in order to become Good Dogs.

Pavlov's Dogs looks like a really fun little card game you'd whip out at the end of a night. Remember - the campaign ends really soon!

Divide Et Impera

Devastated by a new ice age, you must survive in a harsh new world. This thematic eurogame (choose between meeples or miniatures in your pledge) comes from the designer of last year's Essen smash hit, Barrage. Explore various paths to victory as one of several factions, deploy powerful drones, and immerse yourself in its post-apocalyptic setting.

Only three days to go!

Micro City

Okay this one has six days to go, but still! Micro City is a tiny game from the creators of Pocket Mars that builds up well above its size. Using some action selection and card management, you must navigate your engineer through the city and complete constructions in order to reach your goal!

Back Micro City here

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Supporter11 months ago

D.E.I does look interesting. 

11 months ago

it looks stunning and I wish I could get it =(

Supporter11 months ago

I actually can't decide if I like the meeple or minis better. 

11 months ago

I love the minis too much for that to even be a problem lol

Owner11 months ago

Meeples all the way for me lol

Also, I didn't realize it's the same designer behind Barrage. That brings up my interest level way higher.

11 months ago

Barrage didn't interest me because of the theme but I hear from other people that it's super good!

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