Holiday Season Board Game Deals


I decided to collect all deals many of the great deals of the season in a post that will be continously updated.
I will add and remove deals as they come and go since many will have a short life.
I will include deal from Target, Walmart that are not supported yet by BGA (hopefully they ll be soon).
All shared links are supporting BGA through BGA or BGP.

Fog Of Love (Male/Male or Male/Female) $11.99 at Walmart - BGPrices link

A unique 2 player board game highly praised by SU&SD.

Smash Up $12.98 at Walmart - BGPrices link

Spyfall $9.98 on amazon and Walmart
Now amazon price matched walmart. This game has very good reviews, social deduction kind of game.

EVEN CHEAPER Takenoko for $18.99 $22.00 at Walmart
Hungry Pandas.

Some DROPMIX sets and playlists are sold Dirt Cheap on amazon.
Prices from $5.90.


Cytosis for $19.79 on amazon.
Currently in backorder. Might not arrive till Christmas.

GONE Catan is $21.00 at walmart or on amazon.
As cheap as it can get.

DEAD Tapestry for $64.99 on CSI
I think it ll go lower by time, but this might be the lowest price so far.

NO MORE Azul for $18.99 on amazon / walmart
Best price so far.

GONE Santorini for $11.99 in Walmart

DEAD Castles of Mad King Ludwig $27.99 on amazon

King of Tokyo 1st Edition 2014 $24.98 at Walmart
Note that this is the 1st Edition, has different art, so this is only an OK deal.
If you don t wanna get extensions or powerpacks it can still work though.

Machi Koro (NOT the new 5th anniversary edition) $12.98 at Walmart- BGPrices link

Ticket to Ride: First Journey $13.99 on Woot!
Free shipping with amazon prime.

DEAL OVER Orléans $26.99 on CSI.
A more complex game on the list with a very good price. Expect shipping fee under $100.

DEAL OVER Just One (new box) is $14.99 at amazon, target, gamenerdz
Just One at Target

DEAL OVER Rise of Tribes $36.88 at Walmart
A board game with beautiful art.

DEAL OVER When I Dream $15.99 on sale on amazon.
Take the Time to Dream!

DEAL OVER Monopoly Deal $3.99 on amazon.
A fun quick card game, nothing like the monopoly board game.

DEAL OVER Catan: Traders and Barbarians Expansion $23.99 on amazon
Also on sale in Walmart.

DEAL OVER Gloomhaven is $86.50 on amazon
Good price.

DEAL OVER Pit Deluxe $7.99 on amazon
A very simple and loud game.

DEAL OVER Sushi Go Party for $12.99 on amazon
Quick and really fun game.

DEAL OVER Splendor $16.54 on amazon/Walmart
That is a for sure a historic lowest price.

DEAL OVER Catan: Cities and Knights Expansion $25.00 in Walmart
Most recommended Catan Expnasion.

OOS Carcassonne $17.49 on amazon/walmart

GONE Catan: Cities and Knights 5-6 Player Extansion $11.99 at Kohls
This is only 5-6 player extension. Free shipping on $25.

DEAL OVER Dr Eureka by Blue Orange is $9.99 on amazon
Cute logical game for kids.

OOS King of Tokyo 1st Edition 2014 $24.98 at Walmart
Note that this is the 1st Edition, has different art, so this is only an OK deal.
If you don t wanna get extensions or powerpacks it can still work though.

DEAL OVER Exploding Kittens $9.99 at Kohls
I guess it is historic low. Free store pickup. Free shipping on $25.

GONE AGAIN Troyes: The Ladies of Troyes (Expansion ONLY)  $13.00 at Walmart
This is ONLY an Expansion for the Game Troyes

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Supporter12 months ago

Hmm that's odd, it shows up on google as $12.49 but shows up as "undefined" on the site

Supporter12 months ago

Out of stock already :(
But available on amazon for $14.99 with the different art.

Supporter12 months ago

That is weird. 

Supporter12 months ago

I jumped on Fog of Love so quick I’m pretty sure I cracked a rib. Also I had to get free shipping and the Rise of Fenris expansion for scythe just happened to fall into my cart. Not sure how it got there...

Supporter12 months ago

I want to get rose of fenris sometime. Did you get a sale on it? 

Supporter12 months ago

No, but they had it listed for lower than Amazon. 

Supporter12 months ago

Will need to subscribe to this :)

Thanks for doing the work for us! haha

Supporter12 months ago

Question is do you get notification when I edit a post? :D or just when there s a new comment?
(it would be unfortunate if you get all the notifications when I edit typos :D but also you could miss a deal if not :) )

Supporter12 months ago

Your edits haven't been showing up for me. Just the comments. 

Supporter11 months ago

Me too.  I think it's probably fine to not get notified on edits but it's good to know how it works. :)

Supporter11 months ago

But I did get two notifications for this reply. One, because you were replying to me, and one because I was subscribed. :-) 

Supporter11 months ago

Yeah that should be corrected :D And maybe there could be an update post and editpost option. So people could get notified for important update but not be bothered by typos.

Supporter12 months ago

I've seen this post.  Maybe try editing it to see if it shows up again?

Supporter12 months ago

I am definitely subscribed to this. 

12 months ago

This seems like a pretty daunting task, unless you are planning to just say "coolstuffinc has a sale, go look at it"

Supporter12 months ago

CSI  and MM is supported by BGA so I am not sure gonna keep a close eye on that. Also MM usually have a pretty good google doc sheet to go through it fast I might just add the linkfor that.
I am also planning to post only All time lowest price deals or close to that of popular or well rated games.
We ll see how it ll be maintainable :D

So I might have general links to big sales of the game stores, and amazon group deals. I will also filter fake sale prices (there is a lot in current MM Black friday deal).

Supporter12 months ago

Well, you can be sure I'll keep a weather eye on this post the next little bit. 

Supporter11 months ago

Why did all linked games disappear from this post? There is just one game that remained as linked game . Ironically it is Just One. ;D

Now I tried to delete that one, but it remains there no matter what I do :D

(Anyone who bought this game be very careful, it might made all your games disappear as well to remain as Just One!)

Supporter11 months ago

Amazon board game sale with CRAZY prices are on !!! Great selection as well some very cool games.
I ll force-update the games so price alerts gonna kick in :)

Supporter11 months ago

Ended up getting Just One. My in-laws had a lot of fun playing, thanks! :)

Did you end up getting any games yourself?

Supporter11 months ago

I ended up with Exploding kittens, Monster match and Dr Eureka for kids. Parks and Spyfall for us. Oh and the Catan cities and knights 5-6 expansion :)

Supporter12 months ago

Amazon board game deals are ON.

Supporter11 months ago

Created a separate post to the amazon deal.

amazon SALE

Supporter12 months ago

What are some good deals?

Supporter12 months ago

Agricola definitely, Pandemic Legacy season 1-2 for $29.99, Carcassonne BigBox $43.99
Most of them are pretty solid deals.

Supporter12 months ago

Agricola Revised Edition for $32. If you don't have it you should. 


Comment deleted.
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