Reykholt Or Teotihuacan: City of Gods Thoughts?

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I have been eyeing #Reykholt and #Teotihuacan: City of Gods as their prices have fallen and they look interesting.  I have shied away as #Reykholt seems like a combination or similar to other games I have already (#Century: Spice Road, #Wingspan, #Azul, #PARKS?) and a vegetable gathering game doesn't seem to add too much to the game cabinet.  However, I rates fairly high and I wonder what others might think or add to my views here.

#Teotihuacan: City of Gods looks fun to me but I worry that it would be too complex to ever get family into.  I've convinced Becky to play #Clans of Caledonia, #Tapestry, and #Terraforming Mars but I don't think anything more complex than those.  Teotihuacan feels a little high on the complexity and seems to have pretty complex setup as well.

Thoughts in either direction are welcome.  I'm leaning toward not getting these but don;t want to miss out on a game dynamic that might be different then I am seeing on the playthroughs. 

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Supporter11 months ago

I haven’t played either game but #Teotihouacan seems to be the better game and I think has a decent solo mode. 

Premium User11 months ago

I didn't even notice that it had a solo mode!  That's a plus!

Owner11 months ago

I believe David Turczi did the solo mode and he's often praised for his work!

Supporter11 months ago

I haven't played either one. But in terms of complexity..... According to bgg, Teotihuacan has a complexity that isn't hugely higher than some of the games you mentioned. And, it had markedly better reviews.