Hasbro is Planning a Slew of Board Game Reality Shows. What Property Should They Start With?

Deadline (Hollywood Trade Magazine) ran a story that Hasbro and the studio they acquired eOne are planning a ton of new non-scripted tv shows based on their extensive catalog. It was their Lego Master tv show that spurred the idea.

The company is developing an animated remake of Clue at Fox, plotting the film and television world of Dungeons & Dragons and has teamed up with House of Cards’ Beau Willimon to develop a scripted version of Risk.

It is now extending this strategy to the unscripted business – a world that has recently seen developments including Fremantle and Mattel working on a TV version of Whac-A-Mole and Propagate working with Mattel on a gameshow based on Uno.

What Hasbro Property Should They Start With? This is the company that controls #Acquire, #Axis & Allies, #Battleship, #Betrayal at House on the Hill, #Boggle, #Bop-It Extreme, #Candy Land, #Catch Phrase!, #Clue, #Connect 4, #Crossfire, #Diplomacy, #Don't Break the Ice, #Don't Wake Daddy, #The Game of Life, #HiHo! Cherry-O Game, #Hungry Hungry Hippos, #Jenga, #Magic: The Gathering, #Malarkey, #Monopoly, #Mouse Trap, #Ouija Board, #Outburst!#Operation, #Risk, #Scattergories, #Scrabble, #Sorry!, #Stratego, #Trivial Pursuit: 6th Edition, #Taboo, #Trouble Game, #Twister, #Upwords to name a few,

Deadline Story: https://deadline.com/2021/04/eone-unscripted-board-game-toy-rollout-reality-week-1234729012/

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24 days ago

I think #Betrayal at House on the Hill could make for a good horror romp, maybe not a long running show but a mini-series could be cool. I guess you could try something like how they did the legacy version with each season being a different generation to show off different hauntings (I never played the legacy version but the concept sounded interesting, although I heard in practice it didn't quite work). I think if you went non-scripted it would make for a great game show, each with a different twist and one player becoming the 'traitor' part way through, maybe with more of the hauntings having hidden traitors.

If they were scripted I reckon #Diplomacy could make for a good satirical political drama. With dispassionate politicians carving up the world and betraying each other.

Obviously #Magic: The Gathering has a pretty rich collection of source material and some wonderful concepts for a fantasy adventure series, with characters moving through all manner of bizarre and beautiful terrains and meeting strange of terrifying creatures. 

24 days ago

I like what you are saying about Betrayal at House on the Hill. I could see that. I could also see it being an anthology like Black Mirror. There are so many hunts to explore!! 

22 days ago

Personally, I'd rather play a board game then watch a tv show based on one.

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