So I heard you want to flick stuff? A comparison of Crokinole and Carrom

Hi everyone.

As someone who owns #Carrom and #Crokinole, I thought I'd chip in with my thoughts on the pros and cons of each. A lot of content has been made about Crokinole, but Carrom is rarely mentioned in the conversation, which does it a disservice. I think the two games cater to different needs and it would be a shame if people bought one when they may prefer the other and not realise. (FYI: both games come in miniature and tournament size).

I created a similar post to this around a year ago on Reddit. Since then, I have upgraded my Carrom and Crokinole boards and so I have now played both budget and high-end products for over a year. My thoughts have evolved, hence why I'm sharing again.

What is Crokinole?

#Crokinole is a dexterity game in which players take turns flicking discs across a circular wooden board, towards a central hole. A disc that slots into the centre will score 20 and be removed from the board. Any discs remaining on the board at the end of the game will score more or less points depending on how close they are to the centre. The catch is that any new disc must touch an opponents disc before settling on the board (or careening off into the gutter, if you're unlucky!). Therefore, the strategic thrust of the game is that you will be trying to remove your opponent's discs while angling your own towards the centre.

Here's the board I play on.

Here's a video of people playing.

What's fun about Crokinole?

Crokinole is an absorbing experience. The back-and-forth rhythm of the game is hypnotic, and each flick feels incredibly tense and important. The thrill of scoring a 20 and the agony of hitting a peg and immediately guttering your disk make each game an emotional rollercoaster. It's a 'flow state' game and we can, and often do, play this game for hours on end. 

What is Carrom?

#Carrom is a game which is hugely popular in Asia, but not well known in the west. It is a square board in which players essentially play pool with discs. Instead of flicking discs directly, players use a 'striker' - a heavier flicking disc - to pot the discs of their colour into the pockets at the corners of the board. There is one 'red' queen which each player aims to sink, but after the queen is potted, the potting player must 'cover' it by immediately potting a disc of their own. Whoever clears the board of their coloured discs at the end of each round scores the number of discs left by their opponent, plus a bonus three points if the queen was covered. The strategic thrust of this game is to manoeuvre your discs into favourable positions, aiming to pot as many of your discs in one turn as possible, and avoiding allowing the opponent to pot the queen.

Here's my board.

Here's a video.

What's fun about Carrom?

Carrom demands a range of skills such as varied flicking techniques, hand-eye coordination and visual acuity. It involves a satisfying degree of reasoning power and there's a consistent thrill in potting discs. The boardstate is often complex and would reward different approaches.


Portability: Carrom is a portable game, but it is bulkier and heavier than Crokinole, and therefore harder to store and carry.

Accessibility: Crokinole is simpler and more accessible. It has a low barrier to entry but a skill ceiling that's quite subtle to notice. Carrom has a higher barrier to entry; it is a difficult game that rewards patience and practice, but is more satisfying to progress in (in my subjective opinion). To be perfectly honest, when totally new players sit at the board with me, the skill difference can be overwhelming for them. In Crokinole, anyone can sit at the table and do well immediately.

Components: Both of these games have equal tactile pleasure and I get as much joy out of each board, with a slight edge to Crokinole for its glorious waxed surface. Crokinole wax is more satisfying than Carrom powder, which can sometimes be noisy and scrape the board.

Running costs: Crokinole wax is incredibly easy and cheap to acquire. Buying an expensive board usually comes with huge bags of the stuff. Carrom powder can be expensive and acquiring the same amount of Carrom powder as the free wax I received with the Crokinole board, would cost literally hundreds of pounds.

Game length: Crokinole last for a pre-determined length of time (about 5m). Games of Carrom can last for longer if discs aren't being potted and there's more variety in the games patterns and boardstate.

Player interaction: The genius of Crokinole is that every flick affects your opponent. They might miss it completely, flick it off the board, bounce it into a better position etc. In Carrom, even if my opponent pots a few discs in a row, it doesn't normally change anything about how I play, and I might even start daydreaming while I wait for my turn.

Highs and lows: Crokinole is more of a tense back and forth, in which we are usually nervously battling for the initiative, until finally there is a breakthrough that will have us either pumping our fist or hanging our head. Carrom is more of a gentle back and forth and things don't get tense until towards the end. The joy of potting is lower but more consistent in Carrom. Potting three or four discs in a row in Carrom feels as good as potting once in Crokinole, where it's not as common. Potting three or more Crokinole discs in one game feels incredible. The low in Crokinole is when none of your shots are coming off. In Carrom, the low is usually when a game outstays its welcome, and you feel a little bored.

Technique: Crokinole is about perfecting one technique (forward flick). Carrom requires competency with breaking, forward flicks, push flicks, thumb shots, back shots etc. - you get the idea. It's really satisfying to have a bag of tricks at your disposal in Carrom. Technique isn't thought about much in Crokinole, which is simpler. Carrom is a game in which I regularly watch tutorials, observe the masters etc., Crokinole is lighter on technique and less of a rabbit hole in that sense.

Experience: Carrom is a logic game to some extent ("Do I pot that disc, or leave it there? Should I break up the pack, or let my opponent? Should I risk covering the queen, or would that let them get ahead in points?"). I check my brain at the door with Crokinole and mostly play on muscle memory (which makes it easier to lose yoursel than with Carrom). Sometimes with Carrom, I sit at the table straight puzzling what my next shot will be. This gives the game a relaxing, ponderous atmosphere. Crokinole is fast and furious and is a bit more "emotional" if you like.

Solo mode: The main advantage of Carrom is that it is an excellent solo game. The basic solo game for Carrom players is to attempt a 'slam' (potting all the discs of one colour in one turn). It's incredibly fun and relaxing for me to crack open a beer and play Carrom on my own, and it therefore gets played a lot more often. It's possible to attempt trick shots and the like in Crokinole, but the novelty wears off after a few minutes and it only ever comes out when my playing partner is with me.


If you have a regular partner to play with and you would prefer the feel of a perfectly smooth, waxy board that's easy to store and cheaper to run, Crokinole could be right for you.

If you want a relaxing, satisfying way to hone your skills on evenings alone, and a rabbit hole of techniques to fall down with a partner, Carrom could be up your street. 

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Premium User8 months ago

Wow, great write up! I've seen Carton boards on Craigslist and whatnot but never really knew what they were. I'd love to give both of these games a try. I don't think we can afford to buy one at the moment, plus storage is an issue, but maybe down the road a bit!

Premium User8 months ago

That was facinating to watch and thank you for the comparison.  I did not even know of the existence of #Carrom until this post.  I think we will enjoy #Crokinole a little more in our house but it is nice to be aware of a different game in case it takes off.  I think my son (who like more dexterity type games #ICECOOL #Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar )  will really enjoy #Crokinole in particular.  I grabbed a copy as a family gift for Christmas this year and have to try and patiently wait till then to break it out.

4 months ago

I played the game on best crokinole board

Supporter8 months ago

Great explanation! Very thorough 

Premium User8 months ago

Nice write up! I haven't played either game but have at least heard of #Crokinole. I had not heard of #Carrom before your comment on the Community Challenge post. Kind of crazy that they have competitions for this stuff but I shouldn't be surprised lol