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Canadian Based Price Alerts, Discount Searching, and Deals Page!


I've been continuing to work on improving the functionality of international pricing on the website and now have support for Canadian based price alerts (both individual game page ones and list based ones), searching for games based on discounts, and everything related to the deals page!

At this point I believe everything that can be done for a US based user can also be done for a Canadian based user and it's simply a matter of collecting the data now over time to make things more useful and integrate with more Canadian retailers!

Please continue to let me know what you think Canadian users! (This also sets us up for a wider international support as well and the UK is next)

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32 days ago

Hey , I started getting Canadian price alerts for games on my wishlist a few days ago, but I live in the US. Can I configure things to only show me price alerts in my region? Thanks for all your hard work!

33 days ago

Appreciate the work, will definitely get use out of this.

Supporter34 days ago

Excellent. I am sure your canadian users will be happy about that.

Premium User34 days ago

This is awesome!

I played around with it using comparison charts etc. Looks good and I didn’t see any issues. 

Thanks for doing this!

35 days ago

Love this. Thanks for adding this functionality. Super helpful. Is there something that determines who is on the list for Canadian online retailers? My FLGS are not on there (Edmonton region) and was wondering what it takes to get them listed. It would be and . Again great job making this international pricing. Mining the data has to be the most difficult part. Super awesome job doing this. Will definitely be letting my gaming group and FLGS know about your site because of this. 

Owner35 days ago

Awesome! At the moment we've just carried over the stores previously listed on and will be working on integrating with more and reaching out soon. It really helps to get suggestions so I'll check out the two you mentioned!

Supporter35 days ago

Canada, eh? I can't imagine the amount of work that goes into this project. Great job. 

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