Board game recommendation for my son?


My son is obsessed with superheroes, and his birthday is coming up soon. He'll be 7. He really enjoys playing board games with me, so I was thinking about trying to get him a superhero themed game, but I've never really played any.

Things he likes now:

  • Heul Doch! Mau Mau
  • Fuji Flush
  • Quacks of Quedlinburg
  • Ticket To Ride
  • Azul
  • Carcassonne

If anyone has suggestions, that'd be great. Thanks!

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5 days ago

In my opinion, the most beloved superhero game of right now is #Marvel Champions: The Card Game. It is a cooperative hand management game so it would be you and your son as heroes teaming up to fight against the villains of the games. It, however, is not like anything on the list you provided.

#Splendor is a great game that is one of the super easy yet robust titles like #Carcassonne and #Ticket To Ride. It is an engine builder where you either take gems or spend them to get bigger and better things and a quest for victory points. Luckily, there is a new #Splendor Marvel version that helps give a little superhero style.

5 days ago

Yeah, I guess I listed those to moreso demonstrate the level of complexity he can handle.

5 days ago

It helped, once you listed #Azul I knew he could handle anything. That math can get exhausting.

5 days ago

Well, I still have to help him with scoring. It does get a little weird, but he's getting better at it.

Premium User4 days ago

#Marvel Champions: The Card Game is certainly the best choice I can think of also #Marvel United is likely a good choice as well. #Marvel Champions: The Card Game is more likely to be one you might like but it is on the complex side for a 7-year-old.

#Megaland was a hit with my son. #Dinosaur Island was another he liked well before I thought he would. #ICECOOL was a hit as was #Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar.  Elijah has been playing magic with me since he was 7 at least.  I think it was around that age I built him a reasonably good dinosaur deck that is hard to beat.

4 days ago

I bet he would like #Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar :) There are a lot of good recommendations in this thread. I know he really wants to try my copies of #Star Wars Imperial Assault and #Star Wars: Armada, so we'll see what happens.

Premium User4 days ago

I see other people have suggested it already, but my first thought was #Marvel United. We picked it up for my father in law for Christmas this past year and had a blast playing it. It's got a pretty simple ruleset - essentially just play a card from your hand and do the action from your card and the card of the person who played before you.

Another very easy one that I've played is #5-Minute Marvel. That might be even more fun at his age because you're racing to defeat the bad guys in 5 minutes or less.

4 days ago

I think the marvel games are really good. I think as a introduction, #Sentinels of the Multiverse might be a good one. The decks for each hero come prebuilt so you can;t accidently build a bad deck but you still get all the fun card combos and some really enjoyable interplay between the players as they help each other out, Also, the villians and environment decks are really thematic distinct which is very cool.

4 days ago

I haven't played any superhero themed games, but just wanted to say, 'Have fun together!' 

Premium User5 days ago

I don't know a ton about it, but the recently released #Marvel United looks to be a bit simpler than something like #Marvel Champions: The Card Game or #Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game. It also has great looking miniatures, which I'm sure your son would love. It's also currently quite affordable on Amazon.

5 days ago

It's pretty obvious, but you can always try #Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game. I'd say that one and the games BoardGameHalv suggested are your best shots.

And there is also the new #Marvel United though I know nothing about it but it seems simpler than the others and comes with cute miniatures.

Owner5 days ago

+1 on #Marvel Champions: The Card Game! Now I'm curious, who are your son's favorite superheroes? Has he watched any Marvel movies? Knowing that would give me a better idea :D

5 days ago

So my son has seen a total of 5 movies in his life (some of them multiple times). We're probably odd like that. He's never seen a marvel movie, but he loves reading marvel and dc books from the library.

Favorites: Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and Captain America.

Owner3 days ago

More exposure to DC heroes I see! I used to love watching the animated TV shows for them. I wonder if he would like #Funkoverse Strategy Game: DC Comics 100? I have zero experience with the Funkoverse games but I've seen this one mentioned by a number of reviewers. I wonder if has any experience with this one.

3 days ago

I haven't played the DC themed Funkoverse game(s), but I've played a few others, and I think this would be a great choice for your kid! You can play teams or 1 vs. 1 (or free-for-all, but that depends on the set, and I'm not sure if that mode is included with the DC one). It's a simple strategy game, but it's very thematic and great for families. All of the Funkoverse sets basically have the same rules, just different characters (with unique abilities), boards, and items. If you want to go really crazy, you can get multiple sets and mix-and-match characters and boards and items. It's totally a marketing gimick, but it's a fun one, so I'll allow it haha