New BGA Features This Week (3/4)


So about a week ago I published a short term road map for the site here. Here's what I actually got done this past week.

  • A private messaging system (Give me feedback on the site)
  • New info on profiles (post count, comment count, top 5 recent comments)
  • A more clear filter for the forum on the left.
  • A way to look at the forum as a list or in previews of the content
  • API improvements requested by mobile developers (exciting stuff coming)
  • Check if review was left
  • Spoiler tags and improved game linking in forum
  • Email notifications are separated by type and can be edited in your settings

Several other bug fixes and small improvements were made outside of that list but those are the ones I thought were most prominent.

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21 months ago

Thanks for all the work you do! This site is really growing. I appreciate the modern look and feel.

One thing I've found though is that sometimes when I'm looking for a game I go to select the name of the game to go to that page (ie. search for "North Sea" and all the north sea games come up) and the name is not selectable and then the game moves to add the "Add to a List" icon. That's a bit annoying as I usually think of the name as being selectable, but only the picture is. Just something I noticed.

Supporter21 months ago

That's a good point! I've fixed it so the titles are linkable, the titles don't keep resizing when you hover, and I saw a couple duplicate games in the North Sea results that I cleaned up too.

21 months ago

Thank you! I notice the names still shift on hover, but it looks like that's related to the width of my browser window.

Supporter21 months ago

I'll look into it!

21 months ago

Nice...keep up the good work.