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Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) 2020 Nominees Announced

And the results are in! The nominees for the most prestigious annual award in the board game industry was announced yesterday on May 18. You're probably familiar with most of the games in the Kennerspiel des Jahres (Connoisseur-Enthusiast) category but maybe not so much for the other categories. Either way, check out the nominees and see how your predictions lined up.

(Spoiler: The runner-ups that didn't make the cut were Paladins of the West Kingdom, Res Arcana, and Underwater Cities. Plus, one particular nominee is building up a major success story for publisher Horrible Guild, first scoring big points from SUSD and now this! Can you guess which game I'm referring to?)

Wait... There are Editors for Rulebooks?

I'm not sure why that thought never occurred to me until about 6 months into the hobby and after having cracked open numerous rulebooks. But, it makes perfect sense. One of the biggest barriers to entry in this hobby is bound to need fine-tuning. So I took some time to interview Joshua Yearsley, editor extraordinaire whose portfolio includes working with Leder Games on Root and Oath.


Here are some cool projects we're helping to spread the word. First, we have AdapTableTop which has tripled its total fund in just a week. If you need a modular solution to expand your limited tabletop space while also preventing food hazards, make sure to check out the campaign. And if anything involving "tile placement," "area control," or cool dark fantasy art checks off any of your interests, you should take a look at Obsidia before the campaign ends in two days. If anything, you can try it out for free on Tabletop Simulator.

Things Found on the Web

Raiders of the North Sea v2.0?

"The world's first good look at Raiders of Scythia, the re-imagining and reinvention of the classic Raiders of the North sea from Garphill Games. This is what a new version should be, trimmed down, tuned up and full on. Check it out" - J from 3 Minute Board Games

If you're a fan of Garphill Games' trilogies, worker placement mechanic, or just love finding out about new board games, take a look! And it'll only take you 3 minutes. Initially, I thought it would be a hard sell to those who already own Raiders + Expansions, but the comment section seems to prove otherwise, at least not to the degree that I imagined. 

Press Releases

Small World meets World of Warcraft! These types of games are so tempting because they play on the nostalgia factor. Thankfully, I played Starcraft. Now, if someone makes a compelling Final Fantasy or Smash Ultimate board game, that may be my first time forking over more than $100, or even backing a Kickstarter.


You can enter now by contributing to the community! Leave comments, make a post, add missing data on the game pages to gain as many entries before the deadline.

Thanks for the read! Trent is continuing to pump out new features one after the other so please give us tons of feedback. I'd especially like to hear how you like the improved play log feature and your gallery. Also, keep on the lookout for a cool new feature for the home page that will help you stay up to date with what your closest friends on Board Game Atlas are up to!

- Phil & Trent

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6 months ago

Will definitely check out Raiders of Scythia, I enjoy the original a lot as my 'intro to' lightweight worker placement game!

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