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7 Wonders Duel Strategy Tips - Board Game Theories

Some easy tips to become slightly more effective at 7 Wonders Duel.

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5 months ago

Some nice ideas, do you have a favourite wonder to play with or do you choose randomly?

5 months ago

Eey Bob! Great question.

I certainly don't choose randomly! I thought about this a lot and I wrote a post on why I think extra turn wonders are very powerful, and on why I think that the Statue of Zeus is the worst wonder by far. When we play we actually discount Zeus by one papyrus to make it less bad. And I think Piraeus is the best wonder because it's an extra turn wonder with a big upside.

But I also try to pick wonders that work well together. For example, if I can pick the Colossus together with Circus Maximus and/or Statue of Zeus, I will so I can dominate militarily. And I generally try to make sure that my wonders as a whole are cheaper than those of my opponents so that I have a better chance of getting all 4 of my wonders.

5 months ago

Do you tend to find it better to pick Wonders that push towards a single victory rather than getting a spread so you can be more flexible depending on what cards come to you?

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