Is The Castles of Burgundy fun?


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Marshwiggle92 Supporter50 days ago | 2 points[-]

I'm so so glad people like this game. But, I don't... 

nightsaroundatable 49 days ago | 1 point[-]

Tell me why!

Marshwiggle92 Supporter49 days ago | 1 point[-]

Firstly, I have no interest in the least in saying it is a bad game. I even have a little bit of a hard time saying why I don't like it, it just hasn't been fun for me.

It was the first hobby board game I bought. Though,I had had played a fair number of hobby games up to that point. These included Dominion, Carcassone, Pandemic, Fief: France 1429, Power Grid, Catan plus expansions, 7 Wonders, Puerto Rico etc.... 

Anyways I bought it and played it. I have played it over a dozen times, and I have played it at all player counts, though only one three player and only one four player game, all the rest were two player. A lot of complaints that people have with the game I don't have. I don't mind the iconography, and, while I don't like the art I don't think it is terrible, I sorta like the theme. But, except for the first time, I never actually had fun while playing it. I am not sure why all that is, but I have some ideas.

  • There is virtually no sense of progression. You are basically doing the same thing at the end than at the beginning. I do know there is some progression, but it doesn't feel like it.
  • A two player game is at least 30 minutes too long. It would take my wife and I 75-90 minutes to play, I just didn't ever see the depth to reward that time commitment. If it took 45-60 minutes I would be a lot more ok with it. And, when you go to 3 or 4 players then it is even a bigger problem.
  • There is player intereaction but it is seems pretty meaningless. "You got the tile I wanted, Oh dear, now I will only get 2 points instead of 3." 
  • A good player will beat a raw newbie, but, the way points are attatched to virtually everything gives everybody a pretty hefty participation prize. I hate that in games.
  • I love games where a full sized game is put in a small box. I think of games like #Innovation, or #Race for the Galaxy, or #Impulse Card Game Or, the Pax series of games (which I am thinking of getting into.) But, It feels like COB is a small game in a big package. I actually expect I might like the dice or card game, I don't know.

I kept COB for 4 years, I was unwilling to admit that I didn't like the first game I bought. I last played it this month a year ago. I was preparing for a international move, and I was trying to figure out what games to store and what games to take with me. That last play cemented in my mind that I really really do not enjoy it, though I feel like I should.

nightsaroundatable 49 days ago | 1 point[-]

i mean, these are all great reasons to get rid of it! i had an epiphany with video games many years ago, as i spent an obnoxious and grueling days-long slog on the commuter train trying to catch the randomly-appearing legendary dogs in Pokemon Silver: the whole point of playing games is to have fun. The moment a game isn't fun for you any more, stop playing it. (Board games included, of course.) And fun is subjective!

Marshwiggle92 Supporter49 days ago | 1 point[-]

It stinks, because those I introduced it to all liked it. 

philryuh Supporter50 days ago | 1 point[-]

I like the format! Straight to the point without trying to squeeze in an attempt at explaining the rules :)

This is one that I'd love to try out some day but likely won't own. I'm very interested in finding out more about #The Castles of Tuscany too. Also, just curious, what does your prep process look like for a video? You seem to be great at just naturally talking about these games.

Oh and, hope you can slip in Trickerion for next year's 10x10 challenge haha

Marshwiggle92 Supporter50 days ago | 1 point[-]

I would just guess that it might be more multiplayer solitaire than your wife is looking for. But, you should try it. I think you might like it. 

nightsaroundatable 47 days ago | 1 point[-]

BELIEVE me: i would LOVE to have Trickerion in my 10x10. i tried to slip a bunch of heavier games into this year's list, but the family wasn't having it. As it stands, our two bouts of Burgundy have taken 3 hours apiece, so i'm a little nervous about finishing. 

Thanks for your kind comments. My process is to cook up a handful of pros and cons for a game... maybe 4 or 5 on each side. i "gently" script them... maybe in bullet format... and write them in a Google Drive doc... i've used docs and sheets. Haven't developed a solid preference yet. 

Then i position the camera and shoot all of the "Fun" bits and the conclusion in one go. i have my computer on the table next to me. i review the notes, compose it in my head, and go. What you're not seeing is that behind all the little blippy cuts, i might be standing there with my mouth agape, gears spinning, writing the script in my head as the camera rolls on. Then i spring into action and edit out the pause later. If i could have any super power in real life, i'd be tempted to go with "ability to edit self with no one noticing" like this.

Then i move the camera, and shoot all the "Not Fun" comments. Then i set up the Scales of Funstice and contend with that little nightmare. Hours of editing takes care of the rest.

My goal with this one in particular was to be more calm, to slow down my speech, and to pause and take more breaths between rambling my points out. If you watch other videos in the series, i'm a bit verbally incontinent:

But... better and better, bit by bit, day by day. :)

theDL 50 days ago | 1 point[-]

Love it! I'm glad you did this game. You helped me make my decision about #Everdell! I've been debating over this one for a while...the visuals kinda put me off, and I know they'll put my wife off, haha. But I do want to give it a go.

nealkfrank 50 days ago | 1 point[-]

I have the original and the visuals are there basically as a place holder, the game does not need them to make the game great! The mechanics are the heart of this one. I thoroughly enjoyed my play of this!

Marshwiggle92 Supporter50 days ago | 1 point[-]

I actually don't find the art terrible. It isn't good, but it's not terrible. It doesn't obtrude on game play. 

theDL 50 days ago | 1 point[-]

Good to know!

nealkfrank 50 days ago | 1 point[-]

My wife, who really likes pretty games, enjoyed the game too even with the drab look!

theDL 50 days ago | 1 point[-]

Ooh, that's even better to know!

nightsaroundatable 50 days ago | 1 point[-]

Yes! Well put. The artwork really gets out of your way while playing, and you don't notice it.

nightsaroundatable 50 days ago | 1 point[-]

Thanks! My take on the 20th Anniversary edition is only my take. Maybe that style will play better with your wife? Ask her!

theDL 50 days ago | 1 point[-]

I can definitely ask, and she'll probably be willing to give it a try if I get it, but it's just a tougher sell when it's not as pretty as some other games, like Everdell :)