Has anyone gone to a board game cafe before like this one? How was your experience?

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Supporter16 months ago

A while back, I stopped by this place with my wife after visiting the in-laws in Pasadena. You basically pay for a day pass and you're free to stick around as long as you want to play games from the library (around 1400 I think?) and they have food & drinks available (of course, for purchase). Pretty typical for a board game cafe I believe, but I don't have any other places to make comparisons with.

It was on a Sunday and there was a good amount of people coming in consistently - families, co-workers, friends, couples, etc. A very chill atmosphere and good amount of space between tables. I did think their games could have been better organized though, because it wasn't very intuitive/quick to find the games I was looking for.

Overall, my wife and I had a blast and compared to just playing at home, it felt more like we were on a mini date while our son slept in the stroller.

Has anyone been here or to other place? How was your experience?