Tabletop v Game the Game?

I was a huge fan of tabletop when it was on and was upset when it was canceled and replaced with Game The Game. Becca Scott is the only reason I watch game the game (but even then only if the game looked interesting). I would watch tabletop even if I didn’t like the game because Wil did such a better job with it and his guest stars and production quality was so much better.


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18 months ago

Yeah, I very much agree.  I do not watch Game the Game (though I have tried).   I LOVED tabletop, and would watch each episode as soon as it came out.  I don't feel like we have something that has replaced it.

18 months ago

I’ll watch game the game if the game looks cool or I’ve heard about it but haven’t looked into it yet.

Supporter18 months ago

I definitely enjoyed tabletop more.  Nothing against Game the Game but it's just not the same.   As others have said I would be waiting for Tabletop and would watch it immediately.  With Game the Game I tried to watch it regularly but it just didn't do it for me and I no longer watch it.

I think for me it was how it was presented.  I feel Tabletop was better paced.  I could absorb the gameplay, enjoy the banter between the quality guests, and sort of feel like I had watched a real game night.  

Game the Game just doesn't fill the same niche for me.

18 months ago

Exactly...tabletop just seemed more FUN. Game the game feels more like a tutorial even after the tutorial...if that makes sense.