Confused by Forum



There are a few things that confuse me about the forum on this site. It may possibly be my fault, so maybe someone can help me with this issues:

1. While browsing the site, it is very difficult to reach the main forum page:

All the links are for "Hot", "New", "Active", etc, but it is not easy from there to see the "Suggestions" or the "Humor" forums, for example. I was only ablle to reach the page I linked above by searching directly on Google.


2. Is there any way to search the forums? I tried to use the top bar but it only could find games.


On a different topic, I tried to remove a game from my wishlist but when I click on the lists button on the game page, I get a permanent loading circle. Is that a bug? Is it known?

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Owner2 months ago

Some of these features do need to be updated like mentioned especially the Topics section. It's going to be a mix between facebook groups and forum folders in the future.

As for search, we did have the functionality built into our search bar up until recently when we revamped the game search experience and need to integrate forum results into that as well.

Our head of product design is working on improving the experience and then I'll be able to implement it into the site soon.

The wishlist bug is something I'll look into now though.

2 months ago

Cool! I look forward to all these improvements.

Premium User2 months ago

The Topics shouldn't be considered sub-forums like on some other sites that have a "General" or a "Videos" sub-forum. They're user-created, and (from my perspective, at least) are more of a loose way to organize posts than they are a strict forum structure. More importantly, if I remember correctly, they intend to revamp the Topics feature, as it's not super useful as-is.

I've also looked for a better way to search the forums, but it appears that, at least right now, the site search is restricted to game-related data. I'm not sure if they intend to add/expand forum search, but until then, googling your query and appending "" will help you.