Games No One Actually Wins

As much as I enjoy a few of these, I do not like that no one really ever actually wins.

Thinking about games like #Just One, #Letter Jam and #Telestrations, it really kind of bugs me that no one ever really wins these, it is more about how you do as a group. To me, these should be classified as "activities" and not board games.

Am I wrong to think this? Are there any other examples you can think of?

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Premium User32 days ago

Well party games are certainly more about the experience than about the winning, and those that you mentioned are party games or at least close to that. Of course most co-op games also have the possibility for all of the players to lose - is that what you mean?

32 days ago

I am with theDL, sounds like you just need to stay away from party games and/or cooperative games. Lots of people try and avoid cutthroat competitive stuff, sounds like you need to do the opposite of that.

32 days ago

Good point. I guess that is what it is, there is no real losing (unless you fail miserably), everything is just on a scale of how well you do. I feel like I need more refined stakes and I should give credit to the titles mentioned that they do try to incorporate clearer hurdles of victory or defeat.

Premium User31 days ago

If you are looking for winners and losers then those games definitely won't do it for you. 

But that would also apply to any game where you are trying to get a high score.  For a lot of those you win to a varying degree and never really lose.

Really it just depends what you are going for in your games.