9 Board Games Like Among Us

If you've been enjoying the wildly popular video game Among Us recently and are looking for a board game that has a similar feeling then watch to see 9 board......

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Supporter34 days ago

For a game in the Skull vein I would recommend #Cockroach Poker.  Another hidden role style game I quite enjoy is #Growl.

6 days ago

Supporter13 days ago

Sweet! Great video. i think this game is generating lots of interest for board games

New User24 days ago

This is great ! My daughter loves playing amount us ,thank you for the ideas 

24 days ago

My coworker was just asking for games like this the other.

32 days ago

I have not played among us, but there is a bit of that vibe with a new one coming to KS soon called #Mission Catastrophe.  Has the feel of running around the space ship, trying to keep it from blowing up, but all the while trying to save yourself and screw the others.


have you heard of it yet?

Supporter33 days ago

Ahh I'd love to play #Nemesis one of these days. It's also one where the use of miniatures actually works well for me because they're minimal but make a big impact. And when it comes to deduction, I like it more in games like this that aren't as conversation based.

34 days ago

Great suggestions! Thanks!!

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