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Game Tonight?


Anyone here interested in jumping onto Tabletopia tonight and getting in a game of Clans of Caledonia or Architects of the West Kingdom at about 9:00 (MST)?

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Supporter10 months ago

Well, how'd your game session go? I trust ya'll had a good time. 

Owner10 months ago

Seems like that's 8pm for me? That's right at my son's bedtime haha

I should be able to go on at 8:30pm but that may be too late for you (which I believe is 9:30 MST?). I'd probably be fumbling around a bit since I've yet to play a game on Tabletopia too. 

Supporter10 months ago

I could probably swing 9:30, let’s make it tentative and see if we can get on.  It’s pretty easy to figure out, just a little slow at first.

Owner10 months ago

Sounds good! And they're both on the faster side so great choices

Supporter10 months ago

Game code to join in S6TN27

Also, a buddy of mine is joining, I think

Owner10 months ago

Got it, just starting my laptop

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