How long do you wait before selling a game you never played?


I'm just starting to resell games I no longer play but I'm starting to see the potential that I may never actually get to some of the new one's I've bought...

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21 months ago

The answer is simple, only buy a game if it's a crazy good deal(eg 60%+ off). That way your collection stops growing and you can allocate time to play your unplayed stuff. If you bought it there must be a reason, might as well try and keep and play it even if you don't do it for a while. I ended up in rapid expanse of my collection, from like 12 to over 100 in roughly 5 months. I still have most of them unplayed physically  but I'm slow whittling my unplayed stuff down.

Supporter21 months ago

It's so hard to set a limit when I jump onto the hype train though! I've been starting to ask myself why I'm not playing a certain game and it typically has to do with the game theme/mechanic being seemingly met by another one or that I'm just not as interested in playing that type of game as I thought I would be when I bought it.

Every time I look over at Dice Throne I keep thinking it would be fun to play but end up just wanting to play MTG or Dominion instead if I'm going to do something 1v1.

21 months ago

That is kinda an issue with the cult of the new. You keep chasing the new so you don't bother with what you already have. I am absolutely guilty of it in various different mediums. If you don't have any interest in something, sell it then.

I personally bought only games I had interest in based on videos watched, stuff I have played on tabletop simulator,  or in some cases a dirt cheap price. Anything I got without some research or played has been very hit or miss. That's why I have pulled back and I'm only buying stuff I'm interested in on a dirt cheap price. I got plenty of time and games that I could play an unplayed game daily for like almost 3 months. If we add in stuff I got on tabletop I want to play make that like 5 months LOL and that is without touching a game a second time.

I personally don't think Dice Throne is that good at 1v1, much better as a 2v2 and have not played it as FFA as of yet.

Supporter21 months ago

That's a bummer to hear about Dice Throne. I only got the Gunslinger vs Samurai pack so I'm stuck with 1v1 for now.

21 months ago

Ah, I just play on tabletop simulator with everything we have a lot of options. Some like it at 1v1 but it feels worse to me and the people I have talked about the game to.