What’s the oldest (release date) game in your collection?


What’s the oldest game in your collection, based on release date? What keeps it in your collection? Do you ever see that game being replaced?

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12 months ago

I think it would be Masterpiece (circa 1970). I grew up playing this one and always loved it. We played it again a couple of years ago and still enjoyed it, although we discussed ways to remove the roll-and-move mechanic to make it a bit more strategic. Still, it's a classic.

Supporter12 months ago

My oldest game is Catan. We don’t play it too much any more but I probably won’t purge it from my collection either. It’s definitely been replaced with other more advanced games. Although as I’m typing this perhaps I should get the game back out to try and coax my wife into playing board games again. 

Supporter12 months ago

Catan is also the oldest game in my collection. Although it is my least favorite game in my collection, I keep it around because the rest of the family enjoys it.

Supporter12 months ago

Yeah. I don’t think I would personally pick to play it  any more but it does have merit as a game. 

Supporter11 months ago

Probably Sequence haha and for more modern boards games I’d say Risk 2210 AD might be my oldest game 

Owner12 months ago

Among modern board games, it would be Forbidden Island (2010), given away by Trent. Unfortunately, I've yet to give it a go with my wife :(

I'm still hoping that it'll serve as a nice intro to co-op games to my family

Supporter12 months ago

It’ll hit the table some day!

Supporter12 months ago

My oldest games:

  • Mastermind Release date 1971 (Not that my current copy is that old)  It's a simple fun game.  I enjoyed playing it with the kids when they were younger.  They still pull it out to play with their friends and it's a good little game still.
  • Axis & Allies Release Date 1984.  It's the copy I played with my friends growing up.  It's never leaving the collection
  • Rise and Decline of the Third Reich Release Date 1984 First wargame I bought myself.  Super complicated.  Likely will never play it again but it still has memories.
  • Shogun (Gamemaster Series,1986) Fun game.  Another one purchased when I was younger and will never get rid of it.
  • Dragons of Glory Release Date 1986.  I just love Dragonlance.  The game itself is ok but it's another one I played as a teenager and quite enjoyed!
  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Battlesystem Release Date 1985.  One of the pieces of my old D&D stuff I kept.

A lot of nostalgia really.  Part of it is that I made the very regrettable decision to sell my old D&D books and old comics.  Young kids (aka no time) and frequent moves led me to believe they were more trouble than they were worth.  Huge hobby regret now.  

So I enjoy hanging on to what I have left.

Supporter12 months ago

I forgot about Axis and Allies. I have that one too. 


Comment deleted.

Supporter12 months ago

Go -2200: My dad thrifted it for me

Chess 1475

Skittle-Bowl 1783 (I have a vintage copy from the seventies that I thrifted)

Perudo 1800

Euchre 1848 (yes, card games with a standard deck are cheating)

Pit 1903 (I have a vintage version with the orange bell)

1956 brought both Rack-O and Yahtzee

Kismet 1963

Acquire 1964 (I have a vintage bookshelf edition)

Monad 1969 (I have a vintage edition)

I have a copy of Barrier from 1975 still in shrink

1977: Fast Football (was my grandfather's/uncle's, got it from my grandfather's house), Pro Foto-Football (thrifted recently), Pass the Pigs and Rummikub (more modern versions)

1980: Can't Stop (used to have the thin box) and Jackpot Yahtzee (got it this year as a gift for my husband)

Supporter12 months ago

I guess I was mostly referring to modern board games but your collection sounds quite diverse and interesting. Quite the history of gaming!

12 months ago

Aside from things like Chess, it would have to be the reprint of Lost Cities

Supporter12 months ago

I guess I should have been more specific in my post - I meant modern board games. But chess is technically correct! 

Supporter12 months ago

I have some very very old classics, Go, chess, Chinese Chess - Xiangqi stuff like that. But if you don't count that, or older mass market stuff like sorry.... Then it would probably be Lost Cities. I keep it because my wife really likes it and I enjoy it. I do play older hobby games but I don't own any that I can remember. 

The oldest "hobby game" I play on a semi regular basis is Acquire

Supporter12 months ago

I’ve heard quite a bit about acquire but never really looked into it. Is it good? 

Supporter12 months ago

It is very very good. You need to look into it if you like any sort of "money" games.