State of your Collection - June 2022

Hi all!

Sorry I am a bit late but I was away on a much needed vacation with limited internet access.  

But I'm back and ready to keep things rolling.  (Tagging who was waiting for this. :) )

So let's talk about the state of your collection for June 2022.  What games have you added, removed, taken down from your shelf of shameas well as any wishlist changes you may have had in the last tome.

Bonus question: Did you play any games for the first time in June?



  •  None

Taken down from the shelf of shame

Wishlist changes

  • None although I did remove a bunch of games from the GMT P500.  The shipping to Canada wipes out the P500 savings and it's actually way cheaper to just buy it online from a Canadian shop.  Sure, I risk not getting a game but there are plenty more out there.  

First Time Plays in June

  • #Thunderstone Advance: Towers of Ruin: Already mentioned
  • #Imperium: Classics: I enjoyed this game but I also agree with the reviews I've seen online.  It is a bit too long for what you get out of it.  Glad I played it and I would play it again if asked for sure but there are other deck building/tableau games I'd rather play first.
  • #Summoner Wars: Master Set: Already mentioned
  • #Jump Drive: Played it on BGA.  Ok, I fully admit I didn't have full focus on it and playing it in person is the better way to make a judgement so take this with a grain of salt...but I really didn't like it.  I'd rather play #Race for the Galaxy any day of the week.  
  • #Tigris & Euphrates: I've played #Yellow & Yangtze before and really enjoyed it so when the older brother showed up on BGA I had to give it a shot.  I like it quite a bit although I can see why people say it is meaner.  It feels harder to get back in to the game when one of your leaders gets popped.  That is said with not a ton of plays however.  
  • #VektoRace: This one possibly captures the racing feel the best of the other games I have played on board game arena.  Only #Formula D surpasses it from the ones I've played.  That said, it's fairly simplistic so I'm not sure how fun a game it would be after repeated plays.
  • #Dungeon Petz: I know this game is well liked but it didn't do it for me.  I wouldn't play it again unless someone in my group really wanted to.

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Moderator Level 139 days ago

I added a few this past month, all thanks to Miniature Market's customer hold option.

#Coimbra A dice placement game I've heard good things about and wanted to try.  I played half a game on Father's Day and enjoyed it so far.

#Dice Hospital Another dice placement game that Mik and Starla from Our Family Plays Games introduced me to at Dice Tower West back in March.  I really enjoyed it and look forward to playing it soon.

#Space Base Although I could probably borrow my friend's copy of this if I wanted to, I wanted my own copy.  I thought about taking it to a family reunion last week, but took other games instead.

#Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders haven't played it yet

I think the only first time play last month is the half game of Coimbra.

Premium User38 days ago

I have Coimbra as well.  I almost sold it then played a game of it and remembered why I enjoyed it so much.

Moderator Level 139 days ago

Haha thanks! I only eagerly await these when I feel like I've "done well" for a month lol. Of course it's all relative, but anyway...


#Castles of Burgundy: Special Edition - I guess I can count this now since I backed it in June, though I won't be able to play it for a long time.

#The Castles of Tuscany - Couldn't resist picking this up from Barnes and Noble when I found it for cheap.

#The King's Dilemma - Acquired via trade with BoardGameCo. I'd love to get my friend's together regularly to try this out with Sarah and myself but it feels like a pipe dream.

#Alhambra - Got a little auction bidding happy when I discovered Goodwill auctions lol. The games in great shape which is awesome, but will I ever play it? Stay tuned.

#Space Alert - Also won in an auction. SVWAG raves about this game so I'm eager to try it out.

#A Game of Thrones: The Card Game - Came as a package with Space Alert. I already sold it as I had no interest in it. Showed up basically in shrink so that was kind of cool.

#Q.E. - I guess I didn't NEED to buy this last month as I'm waiting for the KS for the expansion, but I had some gift card money so why not?

#Kombo Klash - Asmodee had a big sale in June and I grabbed this through that. Heard good things from BGB.

#Cupcake Empire - Also on the Asmodee sale. Sounded fun enough with a theme Sarah might actually try.

#The Magnificent - The game that originally got me to look deeper into the Asmodee sale. Probably will end up playing solo soon.

#Caylus - Found this in a board game store while on vacation. Heard so many good things, I took the risk and bought it.

#ヒーフー!! (Hii Fuu!!) - The way games come and go in my life is really weird. A friend of mine is coming back to the US from Japan and was trying to auction this off to ship out when he returned. I didn't win the auction, but decided now was the time to go out and buy it. I have no idea.

#Three Kingdoms Redux - I've been waiting for the BGG store to get this in stock ever since hearing about it on the Hidden Gems podcast. I guess it didn't sell very well and the publisher was simply destroying stock before BGG offered to buy the remaining copies. Really excited to try it out.

#Skyrise - Another KS that I won't have for awhile, but should count because I decided to back in June.

#Keyflower - I was able to get this for relatively cheap and I've always been interested to try. Should be easy to get rid of if we hate it.

#Paleo - Didn't mention this on my post about my shelf of shame/opportunity contest because it didn't arrive to my house until July 1st, so it didn't factor into the quarter. A friend of mine requested I pick this up and it looks pretty fun so I obliged.


#The Pursuit of Happiness - One of the many games I traded to Board Game Co. Most we played once and hadn't returned to. This was one of them.

#Viticulture: Essential Edition - Same as above. Actually had to ask Sarah if it was okay to trade and she surprisingly said she didn't really enjoy it despite remembering the name and premise.

#Dice Forge - Played once online and didn't really like it so it was easy to trade.

#Cooper Island - Played solo once and had aspirations to get Sarah to at least try it. Thought better of it and included it in the trade.

#Alibi - Someone legit sent me this for free and I never played it before trading it away lol.

#J'Accuse! - Speaking of games I was just given and never played...I sold this to Noble Knight.

#Guildhall - To round out this month's edition of "games I was given," also sold to Noble Knight. Actually played this once though.

#Carreau - Sold to Noble Knight.

#There's Been A Murder - Sold to Noble Kight. Played it a couple times but never really liked it.

#Morels - Played once, was kinda meh on it. Sold to Noble Knight.

#Full Throttle! - Played once, I didn't hate it. Everyone else did lol. Same as above.

#A Game of Thrones: The Card Game - Mentioned it up top, sold almost as soon as I got it.

#My City - Technically still have this in my possession, but I'm giving it to a friend for he and his wife to enjoy.

For some reason I thought I got rid of a few more games to make it even with my "Added" section, but I'm drawing a blank. Oh well there's always next month. As for thinking of removing:

#Jaws - We (mainly me) want to play this at least once more before we sell it.

#Gunkimono - I have a friend I want to play this with but if I sell it before then it's totally fine lol.

#San Francisco - Since this wasn't even the game I wanted, I should get rid of it on principle.

#Troyes - thinks I should try this again in person before just getting rid of it so I may just try that.

Taken Down from the Shelf of Shame

I won't rehash this since I recently posted about it.

Wishlist Changes

I'm actively trying to get a copy of #The Siege of Runedar as well as #Ghosts of Christmas and possibly #Rumble Nation. #Cat in the Box: Deluxe Edition also very recently piqued my interest, but I think I'm okay to wait for that. I might also end up with #Mountain Goats just because I'm weird lol.

Games Played for the First Time in June

Aside from my own games I removed from my shelf of shame/opportunity, I don't think I played any new to me games last month. It tends to happen when I own so many games....

39 days ago

King's Dilemma does indeed sound interesting, but I recognise that kind of campaign is simply not where my gaming is. Would it be wrong of me to let you know that a sequel (Queen's dilemma) is in the pipeline?

I've played Caylus 1303, and it's interesting in how euro games of times gone by were often more interactive, including some take that / king of the hill, and this game has all of that. I enjoyed it, ending up having victory snatched away with the last (and very astute) play of the game. I suspect the game will give such close results. Theme feels most definitely pasted on, and despite enjoying it, I'm not feeling the rush to play it again.

Cooper Island. I can remember this being one of the 'hotness' games from the convention scene (was it 2 or 3 years ago?) alongside Crystal Palace. Both seemed to drop off that hotness surprisingly quickly.

Morels / Fungi. Yes I've got this, but probably not for much longer. I got it for my partner who is an amateur mycologist and partly in the hope that we'd find gaming we'd enjoy together. However over that tijme she's come to the conclusion she simply doesn't enjoy board / card games. Even putting that to one side, I can't say I found the gameplay particularly engaging, and given that I virtually never play 2 player games, this really needs to find a more receptive home.

Moderator Level 134 days ago

I'm really not sure I'll ever get to play the King's Dilemma for the reasons you mentioned. Of course things could change but for now I've been so focused on reducing my shelf of shame/opportunity that playing a game repeatedly isn't really in the cards.

When doing some research on Caylus, I discovered 1303 as well. I thought it felt a little too watered down for me to want to pick the latter up over the former, so I went for the original. Pretty excited to give it a try.

Re Cooper Island: Yeah the hotness comes and goes so quickly. I enjoyed the one play I got out of this game but similarly to how I feel about the campaign in the King's Dilemma, I'm not really interested in playing heavier games like Cooper Island anymore either.

Morels was definitely not engaging for me at all lol. I also don't play 2 player only games too often which is weird considering I mostly play at 2 players haha.

Moderator Level 139 days ago

I've enjoyed #Alhambra (I received #Alhambra: Big Box for Christmas several years ago and have sampled half of the expansions.)  I hope you get to play it and that you enjoy it.

I've only played #Dice Forge on BGA a few times and keep thinking playing it in person would be better.

Am I the one to blame for you getting #There's Been A Murder? Oh, no I only mentioned it-you went out and bought it. 😁  I haven't played it since receiving it from my friend on my birthday game night.

Moderator Level 134 days ago

I think I'd enjoy Alhambra, but it seems like the type of game where the expansions may be necessary to spice it up a little? We'll see how long it sticks around.

Dice Forge definitely would have been much better in person, but that BGA play was more than enough for me haha.

Sarah got me There's Been A Murder for Christmas I think after you mentioned it here so you're taking partial responsibility. Most of it was my own because she's into true crime so I thought she'd like the theme. However the gameplay was just so so..and now it's gone. 

Moderator Level 134 days ago

Makes sense.

Premium User39 days ago

You must be wearing out your board game shelves with all of the moving in and out of games!  Do you sleeve your shelves? ;)

Shame to hear about Viticulture.  Did you ever get to try it with Tuscany Essential edition?

I've played through the King's Dilemma and enjoyed it for what it is.  I won't say too much otherwise.  

I keep waffling on buying the Castles of Tuscany.  I really like it but would I rather play that or Burgundy?  My group tends to play a lot of different games so it may never make it to the table more than a few times.  Of course, I could say that with all my games...

Moderator Level 134 days ago

I actually have some BoxThrone shelves so most of my games have their own shelf...that's kind of like sleeving right? LOL

I had the Essential Edition of Viticulture so I believe that's the one with the expansion already in it right? We liked it but just not enough to want to play it over most other games in our collection.

Thanks for the lack of spoilers!

I plan on trying Tuscany with Sarah later this month. I watched some playthroughs that made it seem different enough from Burgundy to have a spot in my collection, but yeah we'll see what the shelf life is.

Premium User34 days ago

That definitely is sleeving.

The Viticulture essential edition does not contain everything in #Tuscany: Essential Edition.  The biggest difference is the board in Tuscany changes things up quite a lot and I find it gives you options to smooth out the rough spots you can hit during wine making.  

Viticulture is fine on its own but with Tuscany it really shines.

I have played a lot of Burgundy.  Tuscany (the game, not the viticulture expansion) definitely reflects the game but also changes it up enough that I'm comfortable owning both.  (I did end up ordering it.)

Moderator Level 139 days ago

Oh man, the pressure! Haha if you really didn't like Troyes, feel free to ignore me.

Also I realized that I backed #Skyrise as well, but generally I count those as added when I actually receive them. I'll add it to my post too, though. Maybe we need an additional section.

Moderator Level 139 days ago

No worries! Me keeping/trading/selling it will have nothing to do with you :P

Yeah I only have them listed for this month because I mark them as "preordered" on BGG when I back.

Moderator Level 139 days ago

Added: I received some gifts for my birthday at the end of June

  • #Golem my game group in Raleigh all pitched in and got this for me. I had no idea they were getting me anything! Haven't played it yet but am really looking forward to it.
  • #High Society - some of my friends from back home sent this to me! My wife tipped them off that I'd been wanting to pick it up. Already got to play it once and had fun with it :)
  • #War of the Ring: Warriors of Middle-Earth - my friend who I play this game with gifted me this for my birthday. Can't wait to give it a shot!
  • #War of the Ring: Lords of Middle-earth - Treebeard - ok I got this for myself. They sold this on the BGG store so I picked it up


  • #Skyrise - I was super stoked to back this, since I'd wanted to play #Metropolys for a while.


  • #Jaws - my greatest shame as a gamer. Sold a game having never played it :(

Played off of Shelf of Shame:

  • #Condottiere - played this twice with my game group. It was fun, but I can't say it was a big hit. I'll likely sell it if I can find a buyer. I'd play again, but I doubt anyone else will be asking for it, so might as well get rid of it.

Wishlist Changes: no changes, but I'll probably be purchasing 2 or 3 items with some birthday gift cards/money I received! Still undecided, but #The Quest for El Dorado will almost certainly be one of them.

First Plays in June:

Moderator Level 139 days ago

You weren't missing anything with #Jaws lol.

Moderator Level 139 days ago

Haha, I had no expectations that it'd become one of our top favorites, but it seems like it'd be a fun 3 or 4 plays, especially if playing with fans of the movie.

Moderator Level 134 days ago

It definitely seems fun at least for the first half of the game. The second half kind of dragged out too long. I keep telling Sarah we'll play it again just so I can be the shark, but she seems uninterested...

Premium User39 days ago

Glad you enjoyed Champions of Midgard.  If you can play it with the valhalla expansion you'll like it even more!

Shame about Condottiere.  My group loves it but it is very group dependent.  You really have to get in to the reversals and screwage that can happen to get the most out of the game.

Moderator Level 139 days ago

We actually used both expansions! And we all agreed that the Valhalla expansion is awesome 

Premium User38 days ago

I always play with both, especially with 4 or 5 players to get those extra monsters to fight, but Valhalla turns the randomness of the dice in to something super positive which really tightens up the game a lot.

39 days ago

Added was just #Las Vegas Royale and it avoided any shame with a play the following weekend!

Nothing removed, but I'm warming up to the idea, with 3-4 likely to go.

Games getting their first play (as well as the above) were #Kangchenjunga, #Pulsar 2849 (though wee whimsical creatures and Istanbul were recent 1st plays that might have been in June). Also #Concordia: Aegyptus & Creta expansion got a first play.

That's reasonable positive, and I'm hopeful of getting Sabotage, London and Lowlands played soon as well. However I've got some crowdfunded games arriving over the next 1-4 months, so they'll need to get to the table as well. 

Buying intentions remain slim: Expansion for Furnace, possibly Tumblin dice, though don't like the look of the new version. I was quite tempted by #Expedition Zetta, but looking more closely at the gameplay, it simply wasn't right - much too much luck for the people I game with (and indeed me), for what looked an interesting scientific theme (luck sits better withn a lighter theme)

Premium User39 days ago

How is Pulsar 2849?  I have been told it's like other games I enjoy but I haven't checked it out much yet.

Slim buying intentions keep the shelf of shame empty so good for you!

39 days ago

The table seemed to enjoy it a lot, even despite one of them saying it sounded rather dull from the overview of the game... and it's certainly a paper thin theme. Yes it's a points salad, but one which does feel enjoyable mechanically, and the dice are at the heart of this, from the surprisingly popular mathemetics exercise of finding the median, through the choosing of dice based on usefulness vs. positioning on turn order / engineering track.

It's a game that offers different paths, and whilst specialising does give added reward, you'll need multiple specialisations, so it felt more like a case of finding synergies.

I'm looking forward to playing with some of the other modules (home boards, other technologies and goals) and also the other side of the board with 'dead-ends', though the home baords feel like they'll open the game up even more, when it didn't feel very tight in the base game (there was occasional competition for pulsars, transmittors and technologies, but not as fierce as in many other games)

So overall, I'd say very good gameplay, but not an easy sell on the theming.

p.s. shelf of shame may be reducing, but overall shelf space remains limited (mostly intentionally), so any new arrivals are going to put pressure on me to make space for them.

Premium User38 days ago

Time to look at more reviews of Pulsar because it does sound like the type of game I enjoy!

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