What did you play this week?

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Premium User27 months ago

This week we played AuZtralia and Architects of the West Kingdom.  

AuZtralia is a interesting game.  Different from the other games I have as a whole.  In the game we played the Cthulu faction didn't have a hope so next game we are going to bump the difficulty up a bit. 

However, I foresee each game being very different depending on how the cards/chits come out during setup.  I think it's a keeper for the collection but not one that will come out all the time.

Architects of the West Kingdoms is one of my favourite games and another round of it cemented that opinion further.  

One interesting note is that I have won all of the games I have played (maybe that's why I like it? LOL) and I have only ever captured workers once, and they were my own because I was getting desperate for workers.  

It's a major mechanism of the game so that feels wrong.  Is it an advantage to me if other people are doing the capturing but I am spending those workers elsewhere, or is capturing a weaker action in general or have I just got lucky?

Premium User27 months ago

I have been eyeing Architects. How long was your game?

Premium User26 months ago

90 minutes give or take. 4 players with 3 that had played before. 

The first game was about 2 hours I think but we were all new. 

Owner26 months ago

Do you own Raiders of the North Sea too? Just wondering which would be better to get.

Premium User26 months ago

I haven't played that one so I can't compare them unfortunately.

Owner26 months ago

Gotcha. I was interested in those games because I started interviewing the artist behind them

Owner27 months ago

I got to play Shaolia: Warring States and Ultimate Fighters: Creatures of Titan over the weekend. From my only play through of Shaolia it seemed like a fun theme and beautiful game that might be a little imbalanced. There are two ways to win and one way seems much easier.

Ultimate Fighters was an absolute blast though.

Premium User27 months ago

I put in a few plays:

  • Sentient. Third play. I am still enjoying this one as an entry level game. Scores are always close. This one was 4 players and there was a lot more competition for the investor tokens.
  • Arboretum: Deluxe Edition: I enjoy this game as well. In retrospect, I wouldn't have bought the deluxe edition. The shiny cards are just a bit too much on the eyes.
  • Maginor. Friends game. It is pretty bad. I don't need to play this one again, like ever. Not Kevin Wilson's finest moment.
  • Stuffed Fables. I am not a fan of co-ops generally, but I find this one to be pretty interesting
  • Suburbia (app). Keep playing while I wait for my deluxe KS edition