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Do your opinions on game types change when playing solo?


Are there types of games or genres that typically you steer away from when playing multiplayer, but you are happy to play solo? Or, is it the other way around? Are there games types or genres that you love multiplayer but don't like solo. There are definately a few for me.

I really don't enjoy most co-ops multiplayer. I do enjoy some super light ones sometimes when I am just messing around with family. But, most of the time, I steer clear of cooperative games when playing multiplayer. I really want that sense of competition in a game to enrich the experience for me. But, many coops play well solo. And, a number of coops are fun to solo. And, I typically enjoy them solo.

Multiplayer solitaire euro games are something else I typically avoid in multiplayer setting. And, while they aren't my favorite type of solo experience, they can be very fun solo. And, I certainly wouldn't avoid them in solo play.

So, do you have types of games that generally enjoy in one setting, and don't enjoy in the other?

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