Cloudspire Review - 50% Genius, 70% Disaster (No Pun Included) - YouTube

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27 months ago

Great review.  I recently discovered them and I really enjoy their honesty and style. 

Supporter27 months ago

They're awesome and I recently discovered their podcast too.

Owner27 months ago

Their insight is fantastic and I like that they cover games on the heavier end. I can't ever imagine getting into Cloudspire but it's fun to hear more about it.

Moderator Level 127 months ago

I love this review. Every one of their reviews I watch makes me like them more. 

Supporter27 months ago

They are very good 

Moderator Level 127 months ago

Good morning earlybird.

Supporter27 months ago

Morning! I’ve been up for longer, but I had to watch that review first. 

Moderator Level 127 months ago

what time is it there?

It is 5 here, I've been up since 4, Yesterday the president down here announced several new, stricter measures with quarantine. I am working on making on a plan going forward, and making sure that everybody that I am responsible for, is aware of what is happening. 

Supporter27 months ago

You win! I was up at 5. 

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