Cloudspire Review - 50% Genius, 70% Disaster (No Pun Included) - YouTube

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13 months ago

Great review.  I recently discovered them and I really enjoy their honesty and style. 

Supporter13 months ago

They're awesome and I recently discovered their podcast too.

Owner13 months ago

Their insight is fantastic and I like that they cover games on the heavier end. I can't ever imagine getting into Cloudspire but it's fun to hear more about it.

Supporter13 months ago

I love this review. Every one of their reviews I watch makes me like them more. 

Supporter13 months ago

They are very good 

Supporter13 months ago

Good morning earlybird.

Supporter13 months ago

Morning! I’ve been up for longer, but I had to watch that review first. 

Supporter13 months ago

what time is it there?

It is 5 here, I've been up since 4, Yesterday the president down here announced several new, stricter measures with quarantine. I am working on making on a plan going forward, and making sure that everybody that I am responsible for, is aware of what is happening. 

Supporter13 months ago

You win! I was up at 5. 

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