Friend Group Meets Weekly for Board Game Rules Explanation Night


The pains that we go through sometimes for a complicated game :)

What are your groups' attitudes like when it comes to tackling a new game together? Patient? Bored? Enjoying the atmosphere and being together?

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Premium User56 days ago

lol too real

Our group tends to be pretty tolerant of learning new games, for which I am grateful. I've also put considerable effort into trying to becoming a better teacher. I'm still learning, and of course every game has its blind spots where I forget to explain something that seems obvious to me but isn't necessarily obvious to people who haven't played before. That gets refined with each time you teach the game, though.

One thing I'm still trying to figure out is how to tell people not to instantly read everything I hand them while I'm teaching - they get distracted by whatever cards I just passed them and stop listening to how to play haha. Many times I've just said "stop reading," which works, but feels rude. Maybe I need to mess around with the order I explain things, or just allow a few seconds for people to read their stuff, even though they don't know what it means yet.

Premium User56 days ago

I like to think that generally speaking I'm a patient gamer when starting a new game. Sometimes bored when I think I understand the rules and I just want to start and it's just taking forever haha. I think after the pandemic I would enjoy it a bit more simply because I get to be around my friends.

Premium User56 days ago

I've found myself getting less patient listening to rules explanations, but only because people usually don't explain up to my standards, and I just know that there will be tons of questions once we start.

Premium User56 days ago

At this point if I'm teaching myself a game, I just watch a video. With heavier stuff like #Gaia Project I watched a whole playthrough and then re-read the rulebook just in case I had questions I knew where the answers were.

Premium User56 days ago

Yeah, videos are pretty good. I usually do pretty well with rulebooks, but a good video is super helpful.