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Mechanics Mishmash Fantasy Game

Premium User

If you could piece together mechanics from different games to create a "fantasy game" what would you piece together?  Some of my favorites that I might weave into an ansemble...

1. I love the different meeple types in #Paladins of the West Kingdom and how different combinations work together for different actions...

2. I love the escape action in #Anachrony that allows for a one-off massive point haul during the game...

3. I love the dual use for ingredients in #Heaven & Ale and how the cost changes depending on what players choose

4. #Founders of Gloomhaven and #Lewis & Clark & #Viticulture: Essential Edition all have cards (recruits, visitors) that make your basic actions a tad more powerful or break the rules in some slight way

5. #Gloomhaven uses the top and bottom card selection choice that makes each turn a little more engaging and fun.

So someone get on that and make a game with all those things!  :)

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Premium User3 months ago

Interesting question. I think a lot of my favorite mechanisms are those in engine builders which cause cascading resource generation. It's so satisfying to watch your plans take shape and get your engine running effectively. Maybe throw in an auction because why not?

Supporter3 months ago

Sounds amazing. You forgot asymmetric player powers. And space.