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TCbH’s Off the Table - Mar 18, 2019: Old games are in the news!

OTT is a weekly tabletop gaming focussed news show in 10 min or less. This week we had a ton of stories about old games, from Age of Steam to Chinatown to Dune, and even discussing Stand Alone Expansions, a tactic to revitalize older games. 

The question of the day is what old games do you still love to play? Is it because you are sentimental or is it still completely fresh?

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1nf1n1ty Supporter15 months ago | 1 point[-]

It depends on what you consider old. I like backgammon. That one is OLD.

For newer games, I enjoy Settlers of Catan still. I just recently finished a 3d printed and painted board for it. Desert Oasis is a game that I still pull out from time to time that was one of my first purchases. I think it is underrated. I also enjoy the original Evo (not the new one in the link)

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