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This morning I though I would share some of the solo gaming media that I find informative and helpful.

Firstly I will mention a blog that I read. has a blog at I read almost everything he writes and I find it interesting and helpful. He tends to mostly write reviews, but there is also some news and what I would consider "solo gaming philosophy." I recognize that this probably isn't a good, or correct term for what I mean. But, to understand what I mean, read this post.

Now for some youtube channels.

The premier, in my mind, youtube channel for solo gaming is the "Box of Delights" channel run by Ricky Royal." His channel mostly includes solo playthroughs of games. He teaches the games well, and is joy to watch. He is my first resource if I am wanting to see how a game plays solo, or am having trouble with the rules.

Another channel I highly enjoy is Beyond Solitaire hosted by the one and only Liz Davidson. She does mostly reviews, and I find them quite helpful.

Lastly, I will touch on a podcast.

The podcast I will mention is Solosaurus. This is a podcast that is focused specifically on reviews for solo games. They have what they call a "stomp of approval." This indicates that both of the hosts consider that the game of the episode is good enough solo, that they would buy it, even if they never get to play it multiplayer. This is a helpful thing for me. I have multiplayer games that I love, and their solo modes are fun and I enjoy playing them. But, it would be hard to recomend it for strictly solo play.

I have a few honorable mentions as far as podcasts go. I don't listen to these regularly, but, I do listen to them when they cover a game I am interested in, and I do find them helpful in that context.

1 Player Podcast

One Stop Co-op Shop


Anyways, I hope that gives you some media to consume if you are interested in falling deeper into the solo gaming rabbit hole. And, please let me know who else I should be paying attention to.

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Owner10 months ago

What were some games that Solosaurus gave their "stomp of approval"?

Supporter10 months ago

It's hard to remember..... but some that I do remember include:


#Terraforming Mars

#Spirit Island

Premium User10 months ago

I've never watched her channel but I've enjoyed Liz Davidson's videos for the Dice Tower. Mike Dilisio also does videos about solo games for the Dice Tower and I enjoy those as well.

Supporter10 months ago

I do enjoy Mike. 

Supporter10 months ago

Solosaurus is awesome. I've even interacted with them on Facebook and it's really cool. 

Supporter10 months ago

Yes it is.... 

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