Let's Welcome Our New Users!


Here are all of the users who joined in the last 30 days! Please give them a warm welcome and feel free to use GIFs :)

Thank you for coming and I hope you find something worthwhile either through the community discussions, our search engine, or our latest giveaways!

For us to get to know you, it'd be great if you could take the time to answer any of these questions: 

  1. How did you find Board Game Atlas?
  2. How long have you been in the hobby?
  3. What are your favorite 3 games at the moment?


Again, a big thank you for coming on board and please feel free to give any feedback through a forum post or by giving me or  a direct message. And for everyone, in the future, I will likely make these threads with a shorter time interval!

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New User40 hours ago

I found bga whilst looking for APIs about BoardGames.

ive been playing board games pretty much all my life.

my 3 fav games are: scythe, Robo ralley and lords of waterdeep

Supporter35 hours ago

Nice! Is there an app you're working on? I gotta try out #Scythe soon haha

New User34 hours ago

Yes I am working on an app, but it is not available yet 

New User3 days ago

Hey everyone,

Glad to be here.  I'll go with #Power Grid, #Kemet, and #Coup, but I'd like to try #Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan

Anyone in the Bay Area?


Supporter35 hours ago

I lived in the Bay all throughout elementary to community college years. Mostly in San Mateo county (Millbrae/San Mateo/San Bruno)

37 hours ago

Nice, I still need to try #Power Grid. I was put off at first but how maths-y it is but as time goes on I think I might enjoy that more than I once though. Have you had a go at #Kemet with the rules updates?

Supporter2 days ago

I do think that Power Grid could/should be talked be about more. 

Supporter3 days ago

I started my gaming journey with coup! Kemet is really fun,  I suggest you check out other mattagot games in that same dudes on a map vein: #Inis and#Cyclades. 

Inis is one of my favorite games and the art style is beautiful.


New User2 days ago

Cool, I'll check them out - thanks!

New User3 days ago

Hello all!

1) I found the site via mention by one of Alex of BoardGameCo.com's recent videos. I'm kind of surprised, given the quality and purpose of the site, that I hadn't discovered it before. Glad to have found it though.

2) I've been in the hobby in one way or the other for close to forty years or so? I've been a fan of games of all kinds for as long as I can remember. I'm happy to see the emergence of niche games coming to the fore during the last ten years or so.

3) Three games? #Too Many Bones, #Star Wars Imperial Assault, and #Arkham Horror: The Card Game have secured top spots, but I also am looking forward to checking out #The 7th Continent, #Aeon's End, and #Gloom of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game.

Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself to the community, and I look forward to participating more here in the future.

Supporter34 hours ago

Nice! Alex is so good about giving people shoutouts haha.

Glad you're finding a good use out of the website. Always feel free to suggest any new ideas/improvements for anything. And as said, many of the games you mentioned are well loved around here :)

#Too Many Bones has been on my wishlist for about 6 months now! Can't wait to try it out some day (not sure when that will come)

2 days ago

Welcome ! I just saw #Arkham Horror: The Card Game at a FLGS the other day and I don't know a whole lot about it. What makes it one of your favorites?

New User38 hours ago

I've enjoyed the writing (and little else) of Lovecraft since I was a kid, so anything that leans into that genre will get my attention. The game shares many similarities mechanically with others in Fantasy Flight's catalog, and it's that mechanic of hand management that I think I enjoy the most. If you're interested, maybe take a look at a spoiler-free review like this one by Shut Up & Sit Down. The writing and art of the game are also quite good. The biggest negative I might mention is the frustratingly random-seeming rotation of scenario packs going in and out of print, but I've found they're worth the wait. They have loads of replay value as well.

32 hours ago

I honestly was just intrigued by the investigation aspect of the game. I'm sure it's very different from like a Chronicles of Crime or Detective, but my fiancé is big into true crime stuff. I'll check the video out, thanks!

3 days ago

Wow, that is awesome! Some of those games you mentioned get brought up quite a bit around here, so I'm sure you'll feel right at home, haha.

3 days ago

Welcome, good to have you on board! The Arkham Horror Card game is our groups next 'legacy' type game to play through, I am so looking forward to it. Any tips to make it more enjoyable?

New User38 hours ago

I can't really think of a specific tip to make it more enjoyable, as I guess I think the game does all of that by itself. I play this game entirely solo, but I think it would be a fun one to play in a group. I hope you enjoy it!

New User4 days ago

Hey all! Really enjoying being part of this community. I'll jump right into the questions:

1. I was introduced to BGA by and . They invited me to a game night a few weeks ago and recommended this site.

2. I've played board games for years, but I only started getting more serious about it (playing heavier games for the first time) about a month ago.

3. At the moment, my favorite games are #Betrayal at the House on the Hill, #Too Many Bones, and #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion. Subject to change really soon as I keep trying a bunch of awesome new games!

Right now I'm really enjoying games with RPG elements, co-op, and dice, but I'm honestly open to trying anything to refine my tastes in board games.

37 hours ago

>"Right now I'm really enjoying games with RPG elements, co-op, and dice"

Haha, I can tell you are a #Too Many Bones fan! Those are my three favourite things as well actually. If you love it as much as me I'd say keep going with the expansions if you haven't already. There's a lot of great stuff to keep the TMB going.

It's not perfect, but I absolutely love #Elder Sign which is a co-op w/ custom dice. If you can get your hands on a decently priced copy then you could do much worse, and it's great solo.

New User36 hours ago

TMB is definitely influencing my tastes right now haha. That's cool that you enjoy those things as well! I have been looking for a decently priced listing of Elder Sign actually so with your recommendation I think I'll be moving it higher up on my wishlist!

2 days ago

Welcome again, ! I took my own advice from your Game Suggestion post and picked up #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion lol. How did you fit it all back in the box?!?

New User36 hours ago

It was not easy to fit everything haha. The box is ALMOST closed completely but slightly lifted on one side. I'm convinced there's no way to get it perfect.

32 hours ago

I looked up a video last night that was a little helpful in getting the box closed with at least the same amount of lid lift it came with in shrink. Guess it's better than nothing. Can't wait to try it out!

3 days ago

Glad to have you here! If you are looking for Co-op games I would highly recommend #XCOM: The Board Game if you get the opportunity, it's not quite as heavy as the others you listed but is a bunch of fun. 

What made you shift up a gear into the heavier titles?