Everdell Board Game Overview

The 3-dimensional tree-shaped game board will draw your attention then the gameplay of Starling Games' Everdell will keep you coming back for more....

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Supporter12 months ago

Thanks for the review! I just got this game fairly recently and am ready to give it a play!

Premium User12 months ago

My wife and I love this game!

12 months ago

Same here. I don't own it but my friend does and we always love playing it. It's got me wanting to track down the collectors edition at a good price. 

The decision space in the last season is one of my favorite things in any game.

Premium User12 months ago

Haha, I like how in the the final season, depending on how the rest of your game has gone, it can swing wildly between "well I can't do much of anything here" and "OMG I have so much I can do!"

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