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Smash Up Review - Game Cows

Check out our Smash Up review for a fast-paced, straightforward, and brutal card-battle, "shuffle-building" game with endless replayability....

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2 months ago

The fact that you probably need to refer to the rules for clarification on most cards... meh.

Supporter2 months ago

Thanks for the reivew! I'm wondering if this one would be fun one for my neices and nephews. 

Premium User2 months ago

A guy I sold #Istanbul to immediately tried to sell me his copy of #Smash Up. I had never heard of it before then and it sounded like such an interesting concept but it's ultimately not for me.

2 months ago

Smash Up for me was alright. I think it was a little too chaotic for me. Plus I think for the type of game that it is, it should not play as long as it does. The last few games I played just dragged on. 

I do think it is a cool concept though. And if someone wanted to play it I would, but I would be slightly reluctant.

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