Really good

This has surprisingly been one of my most played games of the year so far. It's a great light, worker placement game with an excellent theme. Anyone else enjoying this one?

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18 months ago

I never heard of this, what is it about?

18 months ago

It's a worker placement game where you are running a dino park. You build pens and structures, create dinosaurs, and try to keep everything proper to avoid rampages. 

18 months ago

how do you win?

18 months ago

you earn victory points in a variety of ways: Dinosaurs give you VPs each round based on how cool they are, every pair of visitors each round, buildings and money (at game end) as well. 

18 months ago


Supporter18 months ago

A Jurassic Park theme for a board game. Seems fun! I haven't heard of this yet. 

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