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The Mystery Game Is....

Premium User

The day has finally arrived. As many of you know from my constant blabbering on here, today is my birthday! Sarah has been hinting at a mystery game gift that I couldn't wait to open. I think I'm tagging everyone who I told this to who seemed to care..but if you don't care just pretend lol. Also if I missed people my bad I have a lot of conversations haha

But first! Before I get to what that mystery game was..

The generous also sent me a gift. It's been sitting in our house un opened for about a week now. The temptation was real but I managed to hold out until today. 

#Fantastic Factories has been a game on my wishlist for I don't even know how long. I'm really looking forward to trying this one out. Thanks again!!

And now for the big reveal.. the game Sarah got me was.. (insert drum roll)

#Dinosaur Island! Yes I already opened it to check out the Dino meeples. Sarah's first thought was "oh look a solo game mode, perfect." LOL! I think she's trying to tell me something. At any rate, I will admit I don't know anything about this game so I'll have to go check out that recent review posted by. I do know there's some people in my group who rave about it so I'm hoping we'll like it!

Has anyone played either of these? Based on what you know about me do you think I'll like them? Let me know!

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43 days ago

Have you got #Dinosaur Island to the table yet? That one really interest me. I was wonder what you thought about it.

Also, happy late birthday.

Premium User43 days ago

Thanks! Not yet. Sarah's hopefully going to teach it tomorrow. We'll see how her work day goes first as she has to learn it, but that's the current plan 

43 days ago

Good luck. I hope it goes well. I've been interest in Dinosaur Island, but I worry it is too heavy for Kelsey.

49 days ago

Happy Birthday!  I have heard good things about #Dinosaur Island and even considered backing the kickstarter when the expansion came out but decided not too.  (I know, restraint from me?  Shocking.)

I had never heard of the first one but just from the box art it looks cool!

Premium User49 days ago

Oh AND one of my friends from my group stopped by my house last night to give me a gift -#Splendor! I had introduced this to him at a meetup when we were in between games I picked it up as something I knew I could teach quick. He's beat me the few times we've played so he said he figured I could use the practice lol.

His motivation quiz came out to be more interactive and competitive so it fits with his statement haha

47 days ago

Ehh Splendor is not my favorite.  But it is really accessible so hopefully it will go over well at family gatherings!

Premium User47 days ago

Shhh don't tell him it's not my favorite either lol. I've had more than enough opportunity to buy it cheap or trade for it but it kinda bores me so...

But it's still Sarah approved and an easy one to introduce like you said so it's not all bad.

46 days ago

Sarah-approved is a big point in its favor!

Premium User46 days ago

Absolutely! Though I will say when we played it in the board game store near us she said she didn't want me to purchase it since we could play it there whenever we want. Of course that all changed.

*covid has entered the chat*

45 days ago

Make it go away.  I don't want to talk to covid lol.

Premium User44 days ago

Why not? It's so nice!

44 days ago

It just wants to hug you and get to know you REAL well. 

Premium User49 days ago

Thank you! I'm really surprised you didn't! Hahaha

Yeah so actually I realized on the box it lists the player count as 1-5 so I may just have to try it solo tomorrow!

49 days ago

Happy birthday! I haven't played any of these, but I definitely hope you enjoy both! 
Also lol Sarah! Either that's a hint or she actually wants to play it solo herself. HMMM.

Premium User49 days ago

Thank you! I hope so too. Hahaha I SERIOUSLY doubt she wants to play anything solo!!

Premium User49 days ago

LOL!!  "Oh look a solo mode, perfect"....that is a priceless statement!

Very nice games and I too have #Dinosaur Island and anxiously await your thoughts on the solo version :)

Premium User49 days ago

Haha right?! I was like you can't be serious..

Of course when I told her one of the woman who runs our meetup group is a huge fan of it she's like oh well if she likes it then there's hope I will too. If I wasn't so set on having her teach me, I'd consider playing solo first. At any rate you'll get my thoughts!

Owner49 days ago

Happy birthday! :)

"Solo game" lol 🤣

I've heard great things about both. I'm guessing my preference is closer to #Fantastic Factories, mostly because I like playing with dice. When are you going to get to them?!

Premium User49 days ago

Thanks Phil!

Yeah she's hilarious 🙄 lol

I'm hoping by next week we can at least attempt one of them. This weeks pretty packed full of games already. 

49 days ago

Happy birthday, enjoy it

Premium User49 days ago

Thanks! Appreciate it!

49 days ago

Ohhhh How fun! Happy Birthday!

I think #Fantastic Factories appeals to me a little more than #Dinosaur Island. I looked at both of them pretty extensively early in my gaming life and FF seems to have a really solid cohesive system going for it and Dino Island is a little bit of a mishmash of mechanics. I will say that I have heard the Dino Island Expansion reallllly makes the game better with insentives for filling your park up specific ways and adding some new variability! Just my 2 cents :) 

Premium User49 days ago

Haven't even played them and you're already trying to get me to spend more money 😜

I think it will be easier to get FF to the table for sure. As far as rules overhead of Dino Island, I'm leaving it up to her to teach 

48 days ago

Hey don't shoot the messanger lol, I am just relaying what I have heard around the interwebs!

I think compared to the games you have played, Dino Island should be easier to grasp. It has a lot of very familiar mechanics. 

Premium User48 days ago

Oh really you think so? I hope that's the case as I think it would be totally awesome for Sarah to have just picked up a game that we both really enjoy. Might be a way to get her back interested in playing more. Very wishful thinking I know 

48 days ago

Yes, it only has a 3.03 weight rating on BGG, similar to Concordia. The phases of the game are all very self explanatory. There is some worker placement, some resource management and that is basically it! Not much spacial stuff without the expansion.