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I played a game of Root that I didn't enjoy.  I think this is one of the main problems of playing with random people on TTS.  While overall the experience has been good, my experience last night highlights the importance of playing face to face with people you know.

The Riverfolk won by a landslide (every other faction was at 8 points or less).  Both the Marquise and the Corvids just kept buying all their services and feeding them so many meeples to spend.  On top of that, most of the discussion was on how they enjoyed the game, or what happened with other games they've played, or the way some of the rules were written.  It was impossible to get in a word edge wise on the game that was actually being played.  Which meant, we couldn't discuss how to stop the growing economic menace of the Riverfolk.

But, every game can't be a great one.  I just can't wait to play again in person. (Or at least with some people from BGA)

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Owner12 months ago

In your past sessions, have players gotten into the usual table talk you'd get when playing Root in person? I wonder how I'd interact with the other players on TTS if I were to give it a try... 

You know at first I thought this post was about you finally getting in a game with your wife :)

Supporter12 months ago

I think for the most part it has been a lite version of real face to face player talk.  There is definitely less than would occur at a regular table.  But I do remember not seeing something and everyone else saying, hey you need to go after the Corvid's right now because none of us can reach them and they are going to score boat loads of points soon.

Ha!  Unfortunately I think that ship has sailed again at this point.  I think her gaming will be playing the games I play with my daughter.

12 months ago

I'm sorry you had a bad time with it, did you get the impression the other players all knew each other already?

Supporter12 months ago

Not necessarily, I mean I "know" a few guys in the Root Discord channel because you end up playing with the same people.  The bigger frustration was that the Marquise and the Corvids were not listening to myself or the Vagabond in trying to slow the Riverfolk down.  Their strategy was bad and it impacted all of us.

Looking back, on it I don't think we picked the best mix of factions either.  I played the WA just because I had been playing the Duchy and Lizard Cult a lot recently and wanted a change.  I probably should have gone with the Eyrie to have a strong board presence.

12 months ago

I see, that is a shame, but hopefully lesson learnt for them as well so they will be more attentive next time.

Is there a particular mix of factions you find produces the best games?

Supporter12 months ago

There are a few factors, but I find this to be extremely helpful.

12 months ago

Oh cool, that is a handy looking table!

Is there a mix that doesn't intuitively seem like it would work but you had a surprisingly good time with?

Supporter12 months ago

I don't think I've played enough different mixes to see that happen.  I think once online we played (by accident) Duchy, Woodland Alliance, and Vagabond.  I didn't love it.

Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of playing with a Vagabond.  However, I've not played them so perhaps they are fun.

12 months ago

I can understand that, the vagabond plays significantly differently than most of the other factions, and interacts in a very different almost parallel rather than directly. So can totally see how that might not appeal

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