Publisher Asmodee Exploring A Sale For 2 Billion Euros

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Gigantic board group Asmodee is looking to sell their company for 2 Billion Euros ($2.3B USD). The owner of several publishers and Board Game Arena, among other things, has engaged Goldman Sachs (the largest Investment bank on the planet) to make the sale. The companies current VC Fund that owns the, PAI Partners, bought the company for 1.2 Billion euros in 2018. 

The news was dropped by industry veteran Stephen M. Buonocore via twitter:

Special thanks to Matt "hypnoCode" on Twitter (or on BGA) for bringing this to our attention in the Board Game Atlas Discord.

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28 days ago

If someone does actually buy it, I bet we will see a lot of board game tv shows streaming. Must squeeze that IP for every penny they can!

Partner23 days ago

I wouldn't mind it. I will watch a Catan TV show right now.

14 days ago

I just want Wil Weaton's Tabletop back. :(

I used to watch that for the entertainment value alone. 

Partner14 days ago

Agreed. He always had such great guests too.

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