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If I did it over again....

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  1. If you were to start the hobby all over again (but knowing what you do now), which games would you get with $200?

Wow! This is tough.  Assuming my family knows what they know as well and would be starting over with me I would go this route...1) Wingspan (-$60) we play this the most and it would be a staple, 2) Azul (-$30) I could take or leave this one but my family LOVES it.  // These last few depend on the vaccine situation in 2021...3) Vaccine = Scythe (-$110 due to expansions); no Vaccine = Architects of the West Kingdom (-$45) and Paladins of the West Kingdom (-$45).   I think that's about where I would start over again.  Tough call on some of those choices. 

  1. One of the giveaway rounds will be all about hard to find games (out of print or frequently out of stock). What are some of these games that you'd love to see us giving away?

This is hard as there are not a ton of games I look for that fall into this category.  Rococo would have been on the list but since the Deluxe version was introduced I'm looking for that in the mail soon.  

That being said...

1. Turin Market...would love, love, love to grab a copy #Turin Market

2. Rococo...I'll add it anyway, I would give this as a gift. #Rococo

3. Black Lotus 

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Premium User2 months ago

Excellent choices! I posted mine in Phil's launching event announcement post. It's tough to keep yourself to just a few of your favorites but #Wingspan is a must for me as well!

Partner2 months ago

Restart? I'd have to get Terraforming Mars, Wingspan, Ticket to Ride, Splendor, Viticulture w/ Tuscany.... I didn't check prices, but I'm sure I'm at $200 or over... so I guess I stop here....


   Wow, that is a tough scenario....

Supporter2 months ago

Black lotus.... Lol. You talking about the magic card? 

Premium User2 months ago

haha! Good catch. I threw that on there for fun to see if anyone would notice. It is by far the rarest magic card; currently 12K - 46K depending on which edition you have.

Supporter2 months ago

Yes, I do think that is probably a little more than and had in mind....LOL

Supporter2 months ago

Lol, sure, they can just give that away. 

Owner2 months ago

I can get that. But I will be gone for a while lol

Premium User2 months ago


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