Feature: Trophies / Achievements

For a while I had the idea to build a community focused boardgame website but never had the time to do so. Now that Board Game Atlas is gaining traction, I might as well propose a feature that I had in mind. 


The idea is that you can gain Trophies by completing certain challenges. Trophies could be a cool image (like an avatar) that you could showcase in your "Trophy Cabinet" on your profile. You can compare it with Steam achievements or Playstation Trophies. Example thropies could be:

  • Log a x number of play (100, 500, 1000, 10000, etc.)
  • Play a single game x times (10, 25, 50, 100, etc.)
  • Post x number of posts in the forum (100, 200, etc.)
  • Comment x number of posts in the forum or on games (100, 200)
  • And I could think of a lot more.

What do you think? Any more ideas for cool trophies?


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Supporter20 months ago

I do want some sort of system like this. Some more potential ideas were

  • Contribute x times to the game database
  • Get x number of upvotes on a comment/post
  • Get x views on your profile
  • Get x number followers

I was exploring the idea of calling them victory points as well just to be fun.

20 months ago

This seems like it could integrate well with the "gold / avatar badges" you have implemented already. so maybe VPs can be cashed in for gold? or maybe that's too tedious. extra gold bonuses for getting x number would be great!

Supporter20 months ago

I was thinking that gold could be spendable and VP wouldn't be. It would function more as a status symbol or something.

20 months ago

Oh yeah, i think that would be a much better use of VP.