Feature request: Dedicated Rules FAQ section for each game listing

It occurred to me today while setting up a game of Clank! to play with my kids and reading the rulebook, that there is something BGG doesn't necessarily do so well that could be introduced to BGA.

It would be nice if each game's page had a specific Q & A section for rules clarifications. If structured well (and perhaps curated?) it would be a lot simpler to find what you're looking for than searching through forum posts that can go back for years.

Does this seem reasonable? I'm thinking something along the lines of the Questions section in Amazon listings, but there may be a better way of doing it.

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11 months ago

Thinking about it, a system where users can upvote or downvote answers to rules questions might work well. Then hopefully the best answer would float to the top of each question.

Then something to deal with duplicate questions... ?


11 months ago

That could be handy!

Partner11 months ago

Thinking out loud, I wonder if a similar effect could be achived if the top rules questions were pinned to the top of the rules forum on a game's page?

Premium User11 months ago

This could be a pretty easy solution with a fairly low effort in the backend I think

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