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Solo Play - High Scores

I have created this document for people to log their solo high scores:| see how high everyone can get with each crow combination!

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Owner23 months ago

If you record your plays on the game’s page I could build a feature to see all the plays of it too 😉

23 months ago

Any plans for integrations with BGStats? I actually don't record on BGG either because it is a pain, BGStats posts them there for me I believe.A large majority of people who record plays use BGStats at this point. The app is very good.

Owner23 months ago

I have talked to the owner and he said they would be able to in a few months.

23 months ago

Awesome news.

Owner23 months ago

I never heard of the game. Can you tell me what you like about it?

23 months ago

Hi Trent,

I am the designer/publisher, so maybe a bit biased. However, my two favorite things about the game:

1. The art is amazing. The artist did a fantastic job building a creepy world using just pumpkins.

2. The gameplay is fast and tactical. Game has lots of tactical decisions, but plays in under 20 minutes. It fills a underserved niche. 

Owner23 months ago

Very cool. I’ll take a deeper dive and watch some of the videos soon :)

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