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New Front Page!


and I are systematically going through each page and improving the experience and we've just revamped the front page! Take a look and let us know what you think. 

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30 days ago

Looks great! great stuff. Working hard. Merry Christmas!

32 days ago

Looks good. You guys are doing a great job!

33 days ago

Great stuff ! Working hard

33 days ago

Looking good! It was a visual surprise when I got on just now. I'm digging the new look!

Premium User33 days ago

Looks good!

33 days ago

I was pleasently surprised this morning when i saw the new front page.  Looks really nice.

Supporter33 days ago

Great stuff trent, looking sleeker.

Premium User34 days ago

Looks great guys! 

Supporter34 days ago

Huge improvement. This is a much better front page. 

34 days ago

I don't think I've ever been on the front page....Can I get a before and after picture comparison to see the difference....

Owner34 days ago

Good idea. Hear's the before.

34 days ago

Definitly a lot cleaner than it was before. The front page now feels very smooth, just feels strange to transition from that to the forums on here. Feels like two different sites lol. Not an actualy problem because I assume most forum users aren't heading to many other pages often.

Owner33 days ago

Haha yeah, we've been going through every page ever since we started the visual overhauls. We still need to go through Deals page, Kickstarter page, game search results, Review page, etc

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