Favorite Lunch Time (30 min) Games

I work in a corporate building with roughly 400 employees (although the company is much larger) - however, to my knowledge, no one has ever created a board game club during their lunch hour!  Everyone here elects when they would like to have lunch and usually breaks sometime between meetings and scheduled calls - but the break can vary between 30-60 minutes.
I just received corporate permission to promote this new mid-day club and I'm excited to get some quality game time in to break up my day.

But this also got me thinking...
How many of you play games on your lunch break?
How often and how long are your meetups?
What games do you enjoy the most?
Is there any other wisdom you can share to someone trying to form their own club?

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Supporter9 months ago

I sometimes get games in on my phone: Ganz Shone Clever, and On Tour are roll and write games I think you could play multiple people and make the time work. Also Lanterns Dice, and Catan Dice should work.... I know thy are all roll and writes but it's where my head is now.... some card games, I would go with San Juan, Splendor, and Guillotine. 

     These are all my travel games, go figure...

9 months ago

Thanks for the suggestions!  I am currently awaiting a copy of #On Tour - and #That's Pretty Clever is on my wishlist to at least play.  #San Juan and #Splendor are also classics.

Supporter9 months ago

That's awesome. There's been a single instance of board gaming at my workplace (it's a tiny office with around 15 people total by the way). It was with 4 of the closest co-workers who wanted to try out a fighting game designed by @trentellingsen called #Ultimate Fighters: Creatures of Titan (not published yet).

In the future, I plan to bring in #Just One. Another one I'm thinking of is #Skull. Basically solid, fun games that are quick to explain and easy to stop if someone's feeling the need to head out. And while not for lunch time, I've given homework to two of my co-workers who were interested in trying out #Root but it never worked out since it was way too hard to coordinate a weekday night that would work for them :(

Supporter9 months ago

My lunch break usually lasts 5 minutes. No lunch break games for me !

9 months ago

#5-Minute Dungeon & #5-Minute Marvel are literally built for this!  Except it always lasts longer than 10 min for me, lol.

9 months ago

What about scissors, paper, rock?  That takes less than 5 mins. Haha. 

Supporter9 months ago

lol! Good suggestion! We actually play this sometimes to decide who has to go help an undesirable customer. 

Supporter9 months ago

I used to play games at lunch when I worked in a traditional office, usually Blokus Duo or Monopoly Deal (which is why I have so many plays logged of them). Games I would bring to a lunch group:

#Throne and the Grail

#Twenty One

#Blokus Duo

#Jump Drive


#Deep Sea Adventure

#Love Letter


#No Thanks!

#Piece o' Cake


9 months ago

Tsuro! That's another great one. I brought #Tsuro of the Seas a few times. It was a hit!

9 months ago

It's funny you mention #Monopoly Deal Card Game.  I introduced this to my very picky board game group (who are convinced if it plays in under 2 hours it's not worth playing) and they actually love it.  It's our go-to when we're waiting for people to arrive.
I love #Deep Sea Adventure - but I find people either love it or absolutely hate it.  It's nice this game has now found a manufacturer outside Japan.  It was really hard to find when I picked it up a couple years ago... but now you can even get it at Target.

9 months ago

I work from home now, so no lunchtime gaming for me. BUT, my previous job, we had a game day for lunch every Wednesday. I got on coworker deeply hooked on board games. We played with anywhere from 3-6 of us, depending on the week and the game. Our lunch breaks were an hour long, and we would take it right to the end. Some games we would have time to play two games of, such as King of Tokyo.

The games we found to be a hit were:

#Colt Express


#King of Tokyo

#Star Wars: Destiny (I brought pre-constructed decks for the other player to use)

#Survive: Escape From Atlantis

#Flip Ships (this one created the noisiest end-game I've ever experienced, as it was down to the wire and we barely pulled off a win)

#Tiny Epic Galaxies / #Tiny Epic Kingdoms



Other games I could see being effective (but haven't played in a corporate lunch setting) are:

#Camel Up

#Ca$h 'n Guns (Second Edition)

#Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale

#Twice As Clever


#Schmidt Cockroach Salad Card Game

My friend also posts on his Twitter account the games he plays at work every week, and he's been doing this weekly for over a year now (way longer than that, but I can't remember specifics), so check out his twitter for other ideas: https://twitter.com/robthecramer

When selecting games, it's best to choose ones that will be good for all involved. While choosing your favorites would be nice, sometimes you have to go with some you don't always want to play in order to lure your coworkers back for next time. And definitely already know how to play. Nothing kills time like the instructor flipping through the rule book for 10 minutes or so as they explain the game. Be able to explain it quickly and succinctly. Some additional homework might be necessary.

Good luck getting this going! I found games during lunch made the rest of the day go by much faster, and I got to know others in the workplace a lot better as well. Let us know how it goes!

9 months ago

This is awesome - thanks!

9 months ago

You bet!

Supporter9 months ago

That's a great story from someone who has had experience. 

Supporter9 months ago

Wow, exhaustive post! Thanks for sharing 

9 months ago

It has been a while since I wrote a long comment. This hopefully made up for some of those lost moments haha

Supporter9 months ago

It’s been a while since you’ve been more involved in the forum. Nice to have you back. 

9 months ago

Nice to be back. I'm hit and miss these days, but I try and get on when I have a spare minute. We'll see about the rest of this week haha

9 months ago

That sounds fantastic and yes, I play games during my lunch break!  I think a 30-45 minute game would be reasonable with the expectation that those who come 1: know what game is being brought and 2: have watched a play through online or played the game before.

Cartographers, Taverns of Tiefenthal, Wingspan, Azul, Magic the Gathering, and Dominion seem like good 30-50 minutes games that are doable. 

Supporter9 months ago

Those all sound like good suggestions.  

9 months ago

oo! Me! I set up a weekly board game lunch!

General tips

  • Before you form the club, find 1 or 2 other people who also really want to play games at work. That way, you can still play games even if few or zero others show up before the club picks up steam
  • Pick a consistent day, and make announcements that you're playing! It might also help to know what you're playing beforehand, so people can decide whether or not they want to join.
  • If you're playing something a little more complex, you might want to pick a few people beforehand to play, and have them watch a how-to-play video before it's actually time to play, so the teaching time is kept to a minimum when game time comes.

Supporter9 months ago

I’m just going to say this: an hour long lunch sounds so luxurious

9 months ago

Lol, our business services other businesses, so most people work 8-5, with an hour lunch. Makes 8 hours.

9 months ago

Mine too.  Some of the people with jobs reliant on being in phone queues can only have 30 min breaks.
I have a rather flexible schedule and usually take an hour.

9 months ago

I generally take a shorter lunch, actually. If it's not a day where we're playing games, or a day where I just need a longer break, I like to take a 30 minute lunch. Ideally, this lets me get home a little early, and at worst, gives me some extra time to get things done at work.

9 months ago

I'm thinking twice a week to start - Monday's and Wednesday's.
I have most of the games you suggested and it is what I was leaning towards, too.  Short games, but with beautiful art and playability.  I'm not sure Captain Sonar or Evolution would work just yet (because many of the people are likely new to boardgames and the time constraints) - but I was thinking of using some party-like games, too - like #Decrypto and maybe even #Two Rooms and a Boom (if we have larger interest).
Thanks for the suggestions and affirmations!

9 months ago

Good luck, let us know how it goes!

Supporter9 months ago

Games I personally love for that time frame are :

#Dominion: Second Edition

#Race for the Galaxy