Even tired themes can be fun with new faces


Over the weekend my wife and I played a board game. This is surprising. Even more surprising is that we played a game with my 8 year old. And we had fun! We let her stay up after her younger siblings were in bed and we sat at the kitchen table.

The game we played was tired, old#Catan.

A game with an overused and relatively pasted on theme. But much of the board game experience involves the group that you play with too, in addition to the game itself. So even a game with little to no theme can be an incredible experience. 

What board games do you enjoy despite the fact that they have little or no theme? 

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Supporter3 months ago

I will say #Catan I really do enjoy it, though it is somewhat themeless. #Puerto Rico is a great themeless game, quite a bit better than Catan.

3 months ago

For me, it's probably #Res Arcana. The theme doesn't do much for the game, but the focused, quick gameplay is such a good match for what I like in a game, I really enjoy it.

Supporter3 months ago

Good choice. I can definitely see this. 

Owner3 months ago

Whaaaat I want more details! haha

How did your daughter feel about Catan? Does it seem like she wants to play more in the future? Would you be happy about more of that happening? What about your wife??

You've mentioned quite often about your wife's feelings toward board gaming together so I was just wanting to hear more! Happy to hear it happened though :)


As for my anwer to your question, it's #Concordia. Very little going on in terms of theme but the mechanics are so satisfying and it gives you so many fun decisions.

Supporter3 months ago

My wife strongly dislikes new board games. She doesn't want to learn about new games. She doesn't like me getting more new games. But- we learned Catan long before this current attitude started. So that counts as a game that she'll play. My daughter played Catan once before - we had had some family over and she played with my sister in law who helped her learn the game - but this was her first time playing on her own. We all had a great time!

Owner3 months ago

Gotcha, great that you all had fun. I wonder if your daughter will be interested in trying out other games in the future. I have several games in my collection now that I'd love to play with my son some day :)

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