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I am similar to and have an Amazon list and a BGG list.  I generally keep them organized especially around Christmas and my birthday (to help my wife out :P )

#The Gallerist is currently the top game I'm eyeing.  I love worker placement games and this one has a solo option as well which means even if it takes awhile to get  my family playing I'll be able to have it on the table

#Wingspan: Oceania Expansion is one I'll go ahead and add as it's one I'll likely purchase as soon as possible.  We love #Wingspan and I am excited to see what new ideas they incorporate with this expansion.  Wildfire to wipe out an opponents soon....too soon.

#DinoGenics will be my number three.  If it was this or #Brass: Birmingham deluxe I'd go with Brass.  If it was Brass standard edition and Dinogenics I choose Dinogenics.  I love worker placement and I love dinosaurs.  

#Brass: Birmingham looks like a great resources managment game that begs with be played with nice whiskey and candied bacon.  I feel like a sophisticated game night with scotch and pipes would be fantastic.

#Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion fits here nicely.  I think I can get my family to play this together and I think they would enjoy the storyline.  I'm not sure they'd jump into #Gloomhaven but just playing these 20-30 scenarios with them would be great.

#Raiders of Scythia looks great to me and I love all the Garphill Games offerings.  

#Marvel Champions: The Card Game - Thor Hero Pack is for now, the only hero I lack.  I don't have the newest villians but I haven't played all the villians in the base game yet either.

#The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine seems like a game I could get to the table with the family fairly easily.  The playthrough I watched looked good enough for a smallbox game with depth to hook me.

#Pendulum is on my list though I am willing to wait for it.  In fact, this is a good place to stop as for one reason or another everything from hear on are games I'd love to attain but am not chasing the way I'd chase the one's above.


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9 months ago

#Brass: Birmingham is definitely one that is on my 'to play' list before it would go on my 'wishlist'. I have heard so many good things but because it does seem to be a bit of an economic beast I want to try it first.

Owner9 months ago

I think you might have meant to tag R0land!

I like your list and the majority of them has been on my list at some point or still are haha. #Brass: Birmingham is one that has remained time and again going in and out of the list but it just seems too good not to be.

I think our copy of #Pendulum will arrive within the next two weeks and we'll be doing a bunch of content around it.

9 months ago

#Pendulum looks like a really novel and interesting concept although I ahve heard some mixed things so will be interested to see what you guys make of it!

9 months ago

Man not many people know about DinoGenics! It's a pretty sweet game, kinda what I was hoping Dinosaur Island would be lol

Owner9 months ago

I still haven't taken out my copy of Agricola and to be honest, even if they're different games, I think I'd prefer #DinoGenics if it had been a tad bit more complex. Mainly because (1) I like dinos more and (2) the theme for Agricola hits a bit too close to home and I'm not sure if I'd visits its solo mode as often when I'm wanting more of an escape haha

9 months ago

Does the theme hit too close to home because you need to feed your family on a nightly basis??

Premium User9 months ago

I was thinking he lives on a farm?  

9 months ago

Lol, the anticipation is killing me! I have never had anyone say that Agricola hit close to home!

Owner9 months ago


I really didn't mean much about it, just that I'd like a more lighthearted or exciting theme than one that involves feeding a family and deducting points for failure to do so. I feel that the overall production values make the game feel too outdated and I also prefer worker placement games with a twist. I know I'll get in a play of it at some point, but I know that when it comes to solo games, I'll always gravitate toward other games in my collection.

9 months ago

You just are against all things Klemens Franz so I can understand that. I will say the twist on this game is the cards for occupations and minor improvements. They REALLY add a lot to the game. 

Owner9 months ago

I should clarify though, that I actually like the look of #Clans of Caledonia and #Orléans. But Agricola in particular looks very dated to me! Now watch as I actually get in a play and love the gameplay (but of course, still complain about how the cards look). I always love animeeples though so that's a plus :)

9 months ago

We will see! There is a reason people think of it as the grand daddy of all workerplacement games!

Premium User9 months ago

ooo I'd love to get your thoughts on #Marvel Champions: The Card Game

Premium User9 months ago

I like the game, but there's something about it that makes it tough to get off the shelf sometimes.  Normally I'd say setup but I think its something else.  And it's not that I don't like it, becuase I certainly do (I've got almost every hero!).  

Now that I think about it I think there are a couple of games I want to play more often and now that I think about it they are all co-op. #Marvel Champions: The Card Game, #Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island, and #Spirit Island don't hit the table as much because I don't think my family is really that into co-op games.  This is sort of a revelation as I write this....hmm.

So when I play #Marvel Champions: The Card Game its generally just me playing and each game takes about 90+ minutes because I'm taking the time to think through two players turns.  I think if someone in my house enjoyed it more (and I can see my kids growing into it later) then I'd definitely play more.  The setup would be a big deal and in fact I think crafting the hero decks would be more fun if I was doing that with another person.

The heroes all seem to play pretty differently and the aspects add a unique feature to each hero (I like to mix them up rather than use the aspect the hero comes with).  I have found I spend a lot of time dinking and ducking until I can get my hero in a position for a few really big hits.  I think I've won most games (all against Rhino thus far) but they were challenging and I had to work at it to get to the point where the last couple of turns I was able to blast the villian.  In every game there were always a couple of turns where the villian nearly beat me though and I eeked it out.

Premium User9 months ago

Cool, thanks so much for typing that all out! My wife and I generally haven't been into co-op games either, but this one has looked interesting to me. I don't know whether we'll ever get it, but it'd probably have to be for a pretty good price since I'm not really sure if we'd even like it, haha. The LCG nature bothers me a bit too, but I've also never played one.

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